2017- A Year In Review

2017 A Year Of Reviews

We love receiving testimonials, stories, and reviews from our growing family of Koi customers. As 2017 comes to an end, we like to look back over the past year to remind ourselves about the impact Koi CBD has had on the lives of our customers.  Below is comprehensive list of all the stories our users have submitted to us about the real world effect taking CBD has on their daily lives.

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Diane A. January 20, 2017

Love the flavor. You can mix this with any flavor. Love the Koi!

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Marcos O. January 23, 2017

The pain goes away.

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Debbie B. February 13, 2017

Best tasting and smoothest CBD oil I have ever used, great prices, and outstanding service!!!

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Theo February 23, 2017

This is a great product and has really helped with my conditions. It's very smooth, and tasty, and you can tell that this is not a BS product. This is the real deal, I will definitely be ordering from KOI again. There was 1 small problem with packaging, but I contacted the KOI team and they sent a replacement to me right away, great customer service (rare these days) I would recommend this to anyone who could be helped by CBD.

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Wayne Willie Chronic Back & Neck Pain, Anxiety 500mg March 18, 2017

I was very skeptical about trying Koi CBD because I didn’t think that it could help me with my Chronic Back & Neck Pain as well as Anxiety, But when you are in so much pain every single day that I at least owed to my wife and myself to give it a try. I ordered three 500mg bottles hoping that it would help, but not really expecting it to, and to our surprise we started noticing after a few days, while not becoming totally pain free, this product was actually helping us. It helps with our anxiety, neck, and even back pain. Every little bit helps when you are in pain. We haven’t been using Koi but a short period of time and I honestly believe the longer we use it the better the results will be. I would definitely recommend anyone hurting and in pain or anxiety you owe to your self to give it a try, We are so glad that we did. I did my research and this is an excellent company, very knowledgeable and outstanding Customer Service. Thank you and I hope you get the relief that you deserve.

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Tay Seizures 100mg March 22, 2017

Growing up when your dad is a police chief you ALWAYS say no to drugs. So i was against every drug growing up. At 25 I was a bouncer at a bar and pulled a guy to the ground during a huge fight and got kicked in the head/face several times. I went to the hospital for stitches and after 2 CT scans and an MRI they told me I had a tumor on my right frontal lobe the size of a golf ball. I went into surgery a few days later and thought it was successful. BUT something went wrong the day they were sending me home, I had 2 seizures and was kept a few extra days for observation. About a month later I was back in getting cut open in the same spot for another surgery where fluid had built up around the tumor. The doctors were worried it was an infection because the right side of my face was swelling up. After many seizures, some friends reached out and said €œI know you a€™re against it, but you should look into CBD. I did some reading and everything sounded good but I still never got any. Time went on and the seizures got worse and I was willing to do ANYTHING to have my life back. So I ordered some and tried it and instantly felt some relief. My anxiety is little to none and I have been seizure free for about 6 months now. I still take seizure meds but anyone that knows seizure meds knows that the side effects are terrible!!! I have tried several different oils but Koi has worked the best for me. I bought the 500mg thinking the higher the mg the better, but for my body it was too much so Koi customer service recommended I try a lower mg and boom they were right. Something I was against my whole life saved me. Thank you Koi CBD!!!!!!!!

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Marie Smith Migraines 100mg March 30, 2017

Thank you for making a product that has finally given me so much relief. A friend gave me a bottle of 100mg Koi and it has taken my migraine down to a level that is manageable.

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Marcin Overall Wellness & Mood 250mg - Blue Koi April 10, 2017

I got the Blue 250mg CBD. Works great and flavor is very good ? Vaping it regularly boosted my overall wellness and mood. It's a really effective product.

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Bob M. PTSD, Chronic Pain 500mg - Blue Koi April 17, 2017

I am new to vaping CBD but after reading up about it, I thought I would give it a try. WOW! Since beginning to take it about a week ago, I find myself with less pain and my PTSD symptoms have lessened. The 500mg seems to be the strength that works well. Thanks BLUE KOI. Oh and I also purchased the KOI STIK and it works fantastic.

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MsCJA Chronic Pain 500mg April 23, 2017

I won 50mg bottles in a giveaway when Koi started. I felt something but I wasn’t fully convinced. Later I tried 250mg. I felt it was better at helping relax me but mildly, had to vape more to feel the effects. Then I tried a different brand and honestly felt like it was 50mg, extremely mild. This was going to be my last shot and I decided to go back to Koi but try the 500mg. Most definitely worth it. I didn’t have to vape a whole lot. Koi is true when you find the right dose for you.

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Brandon N. Chronic Pain, Migraines, Prescription Medication Alternative May 4, 2017

I started using CBD in the beginning of May 2017 after learning of the benefits of CBD and how it could help with my issues. I knew I had to give it a try. I had to find something that would put an end to the 14 plus pills every night. I have been off all my pills with the exception of my heartburn pill now for 2 weeks and I’m no longer in constant pain nor have I had even a slight headache. Now I’ve found Koi CBD, the product tastes amazing and the price is good.

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Laura B. Alternative to opiates May 11, 2017

I found Koi products to be the most reliable quality. I tried “shopping around” only to be disappointed with poor quality or total scam products.

One of issues I have with the Koi product is the caps, They are so hard to get off when you have limited strength in your hands. PLEASE consider another style.
The other issue is the price. I’m on disability & very limited income. Unfortunately, I live in a state that hasn’t approved CBD oil for adults. I am allergic to opiates & synthetic opiates, so finding your product has been a God send!

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Glenora D. Anxiety, Overall Well Being May 17, 2017

This is by far the best CBD I ever had. I felt the effects of calming and relaxing, and an overall sense of well being. It helps my anxiety a lot and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone in need. Thank you Koi CBD, you have a customer for life.

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Les Stress, Relaxation 500mg May 23, 2017

I won 50mg bottles in a giveaway when Koi started. I felt something but I wasn’t fully convinced. Later I tried 250mg. I felt it was better at helping relax me but mildly, had to vape more to feel the effects. Then I tried a different brand and honestly felt like it was 50mg, extremely mild. This was going to be my last shot and I decided to go back to Koi but try the 500mg. Most definitely worth it. I didn’t have to vape a whole lot. Koi is true when you find the right dose for you.

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Roseann H. Chronic Pain May 25, 2017

Today was first time in a month I have actually been able to walk any distance… Although the tingling and numbness is there, my pain was zero… I refuse to take pills of any sort so when I heard about this option, without hesitation I came here and purchased… Best decision ever.. Thank you Koi

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Karen K. Chronic Pain 250mg - Blue Koi May 30, 2017

I bought the 250 Blue. Helps with my pain. Tastes great too.

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Derek Calm Nerves & Muscle Relaxation May 30, 2017

Great CBD juice!! I have tried a lot of different CBD vape juices, I mean a lot, and this by far holds the crown. The juice is clear and tastes exceptional, No bad CBD aftertaste. Calmed my nerves, relaxed my muscles and I enjoyed vaping it!! This is high quality stuff, I will definitely be a returning customer.

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Tammy Chronic Pain, Anxiety 250mg June 6, 2017

I've been using the white and so far I'm in awe of how it's helping with my anxiety and pain. I've only taken for a few days but it seems too help.

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Wayne Chronic Pain, Arthritis 1000mg June 14, 2017

We have tried many CBD products and Koi CBD is the real deal and tastes really great. My wife and I use it for back pain, neck pain, anxiety, arthritis and much more. You owe it to yourself to try Koi CBD because it really helps and is the best tasting CBD on the market. Awesome customer service. Awesome and quick shipping, as well as free shipping for orders over $35. I received my order in 2 days. We all owe it to ourselves to feel better and this has really helped us. Treat yourself and get the relief. The higher strength, like 500 or 1000mg, is the best for pain, arthritis etc. but they carry 100mg, 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg so depending on your needs. The more pain, the higher MG is what has worked for us.

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Tony Blue Koi June 14, 2017

I know I only started using this today 6/14/17. I don’t smoke and I didn’t want to worry about failing a drug test for work. A good friend of mine told me about this Koi CBD. I couldn’t wait to try it. I wish i would of heard of this sooner. I haven’t felt this good in years. I had immediate relief and feel like I can finally relax for the first time. Koi blue thank you!

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Wendy Chronic Pain, Bipolar 250mg - Blue Koi June 14, 2017

I was leery as I tried another CBD brand a couple years ago and it was GROSS tasting and didn't work. I was ready to smoke weed since it’s legal in MA now. I decided to try KOI after reading some reviews. I am SO glad that I did. It tastes great AND IT WORKS!! I tried the Koi blue 250 mg and will definitely buy more. It even helps my sons knees and his moods (he’s bipolar).

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Scott Q. June 18, 2017

I love my Koi CBD OIL. No bitter aftertaste. It works fast. I will recommend to my family & friends. Fast delivery ? as well. You have a customer for life.

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Bob M. PTSD, Chronic Pain 500mg - Blue Koi June 19, 2017

I have been using Blue Koi for 2 months now and I can say with certainty that it really works. I use the 500mg dosage with the Koi Stik. The pods work great, I just ordered 2 more for back up.

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Mark 250mg June 21, 2017

I have been vaping my 250mg at night and definitely feel the difference. Lowers and eliminates anxiety and helps me mellow out before bed. Definitely recommend this if you are looking for a natural alternative for anxiety.

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Muirne T. Back & Shoulder Pain June 23, 2017

Works wonderfully to take edge off of back and shoulder injuries. Lower dose can be vaped all day resulting in a calming effect. Higher dose vaped before bed to allow me to sleep throughout the night. Tastes great too with no burn.

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Shonn B. Stress Reliever, Back Pain 500mg June 23, 2017

So I have been working at Whole Foods for about 4 months, Stress has been increasing and co-workers are straining my tolerance. I thought this stuff might be fake, But I started at 500mg, it was a wonderful calming experience, I felt really relaxed and calm. Even playing games that usually makes me mad, Didn't make me feel mad. It also helped with my lower back pain. So I thank you guys for this product.

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John Migraines June 28, 2017

Have suffered from migraines for the majority of my life with daily headaches and after a month of Koi, only 2 headaches! I am excited to see the long term results of CBD for other issues.

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Rose Schizophrenia, Psychosis 1000mg - Gold Koi June 28, 2017

I purchased the Gold Koi – 1000mg for a family member who is struggling with schizophrenia and psychosis. He LOVES this product! It is my hope that he will be able to gain employment now since this product does not contain the THC element. This may just save his life!!! Thank you for producing this wonderful product!!!

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Lakewolf Chronic Pain 1000mg - Gold Koi June 28, 2017

I received my Koi Gold 1000mg yesterday. I used it sublingually at first—and what a SHOCK! The pain for which I’d been taking 30mg of hydrocodone (to keep it at a level of 4) was GONE within 10 minutes! I don’t even remember the last time I felt this way! God bless you for selling this wonderful product!

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Jason RLS, Back & Kidney Pain June 29, 2017

I use this personally and it helps a lot with my RLS. My mom also uses it and it helps her with her back/kidney pain. I would like to thank KoiCBD. I will definitely be ordering more and I hope you guys will have some more variety. Thank you!!

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Sean Anxiety, Back Pain 250mg June 29, 2017

I got the 250mg Koi to use for my bad anxiety and I have really bad back pain. The CBD does not get rid of all the pain but I can enjoy my day because the pain has subsided that much. As far as anxiety I worry about everything and have a hard time talking to people. So far with this, that has gone completely out the window. I am able to start a conversation with someone without fumbling over my words. Stuff is great!

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B-R@d Anxiety, Insomnia June 30, 2017

Started using products similar that were just OK and relieved my anxiety slightly and tasted just OK at best. When I discovered Koi I was excited because of how tasty it was in addition to how much overall well-being I was feeling. Clear minded, just not anxious and it helps me sleep through the night which was a problem too. Excellent product and service. Shipment was quick and enjoyed the bonus sticker. Highly recommended. Gold is my favorite but Red is awesome as well. Thanks Koi. Keep up the good work. You have a new regular customer.

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Shawn Z. Anxiety 500mg - White Koi June 30, 2017

Koi “White” is the perfect CBD for me. All the medications I have to take for my health … still hasn’t helped with me being constantly on stage and having to be “on”.
Koi’s CBD gives me that help. Something no doctor has been able to do.

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Leo Back Pain, Insomnia July 11, 2017

I have issues with my back and have trouble sleeping at times. I purchased Koi to see if it would help. I must say, it’s an amazing product. It helps both problems. I’d rather use Koi than opioids. I use it a couple of times a week to avoid building a tolerance to it.

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Cristy Chronic Pain July 11, 2017

I bought CBD oil to help with the pain that I have. The flavor is amazing. The price was great and the bottle was a decent size. My shipment came in 3 days. I can'€™t wait to order more.

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Charlie Anxiety, Migraines 500mg July 12, 2017

Using the 500mg, its only been two days but I have not taken any over the counter drugs like a did everyday for my headaches and anxiety. Friends and family even told me I looked happier and was being nice for once, lol. Its been really amazing for me.

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Brian July 15, 2017

This is my third bottle of Koi. Stuff is great. Helps a lot with my pain levels and lets me to be able to at least function somewhat normal without pumping me full of pills.

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Jay Anxiety & Depression July 15, 2017

Seriously so glad I found Koi CBD. Do not be fooled by other companies that claim to have the best. I have tried several and was starting to get concerned but Koi CBD helps my anxiety and depression in a flash like none have before. I will be a regular customer of them.

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Carol A. Chronic Back & Leg Pain 1000mg July 16, 2017

I have pain in my legs and my back. After just 2 days vaping with Koi 1000mg, it has helped me with my pain. I will continue to use it and I think it may get even better.

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Johnny Chronic Neck Pain, Anxiety July 17, 2017

I want to start by saying that I've been using Koi for a while and I can say it works! Also shipping is fast! Felt like Amazon Prime service lol! Anyway, it helps me with my neck pain and to relax whenever I feel nervous! Also I had a leaking issue when it was shipped but customer service was great and sent me a replacement! Thanks Koi!

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John L. Anxiety/Depression, Migraines, Panic Attacks 250mg - Gold Koi July 17, 2017

I had food poisoning from eating mantis prawns from a trip to VN in 2009. Right after that severe food poisoning, I started to suffer severe headaches and was always feeling anxious to what’s going to happen to my health. I feel unhealthy, dizzy, tired, angry and started to stress out and thus my blood pressure started to increase. I started to have panic attacks regularly every nights. The doctor told me that I have Depression and Anxiety disorder. I have tried everything from goji berries, reishi mushrooms, valerian roots, John wort…Only helped a little. Until about 5-6 months ago, I bumped into a video about Hemp Seeds Oil and CBD oil that they can cure this suffering of mine. I have been taking Hemp seeds oil 3 capsules a day and vape Gold Koi 250mg at night when I feel a little discomfort. My symptoms have gone away almost 99%. I am back to who I was and all thanks to this miracle plant. Thank you Koi CBD and keep up the good work on your mission to save people like me. Money isn’t everything.

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Caitlin Anxiety 500mg - Gold Koi July 19, 2017

Koi’s 500mg Gold has been so so good for my general anxiety. I fidget less and feel no looming stress when I’m using it. It’s amazing how much I can feel the effects without feeling strange or unlike myself, the way THC or prescription pharmaceuticals do. While I can’t yet speak to long term use, I had an excellent first impression.

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Ruben O. Chronic Pain, Perscription Medication Alternative July 20, 2017

It’s been 8 months since I’ve been using CBD and I still have not taken any pain meds. I just ordered my 6th bottle but I’m trying the Blue Koi this time. I’ve tried the Red and Jade Koi and both have great tastes. If you are still thinking about this product BELIEVE it works.

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Ben Chronic Pain, Insomnia 500mg July 20, 2017

The CBD 500mg definitely helps me sleep at night. I jog, lift weights and it also helps aide leg pain from my workouts. It keeps me away from ibuprofen and other harmful otc pain relievers.

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Jennifer D. Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Migraines July 21, 2017

I’ve been using Koi CBD for several months and I’m super impressed! It helps my chronic hip and back so much. My daughter uses it as a tincture for anxiety and she is a different person socially! I’ve used it for bad headaches and wow, gone! I’ve tried other brands available locally but I gave them away. Nothing is as smooth and works as well as Koi! If you’re wondering if it works, it does! Benefits of medical marijuana without the side effects… amazing! I can work without pain now!

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Dawn Chronic Pain 500mg - White Koi July 23, 2017

I got the White Koi 500mg in on Friday and have been using it for two days now. I mix it in my tank when I need it. I have noticed that while it does not take all my pain away it does relax my muscles which allows them to move around more freely and not tense and strain when I do any kind of work. It also helps me go to sleep, too bad it doesn't help me stay asleep too. I love the fact that it does not change the flavor of my e-juice. I am glad I listened to the ladies in my Chiari malformation group and looked into CBD oil.

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Francis Lucas Pain, Anxiety, Stress 500mg July 24, 2017

Koi works wonders, you can really feel a difference when using the 500mg bottle for vaping. Thank you for giving us something so special. It not only helps with pain, also stress and anxiety.

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Joe Anxiety July 25, 2017

Amazed how well this works! Was originally very skeptical. It is no miracle worker by any means, but i usually cannot be in a group conversation with out my mind forcing me to look down and mess with my phone or fidget with a pen to avoid the spot light. This has helped me with being able to think more clearly and take in what is being said to me.

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Maria Leg Pain July 27, 2017

I just started using this product. I really enjoyed it. It helps with my leg pain period, I feel like I'm getting back to normal. I would highly recommend this product to anyone I know and I will be back to buy more/other products.

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Susan N. 500mg July 28, 2017

I have been using CBD oil for about 4 months now and no longer taking Cymbalta, Tramadol, or Soma. I am very happy and pleased how the CBD oil works for me. I am pain free and I feel balanced. I highly recommend this product. I take it under the tongue 2 or 3 times a day and I vape it when needed. I use 500mg.

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Nate Anxiety, Insomnia, Nicotine Addiction August 1, 2017

I have been anxious and high-strung for years for no apparent reason,€“ it seems to be part of my constitution. I used marijuana for many years to self-medicate but quit years ago because I wanted a clear head. I continued vaping nicotine which is incredibly addictive up until when I started using Koi. Koi cured the anxiety and helped me sleep better, and I was able to wean myself off the nicotine for the first time in 20+ years. Now my head is clear, my mind is calm, I sleep well, and I have no cravings for nicotine or marijuana. Also the flavors,€“ especially the blue, are great!

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J.W. Chronic Pain, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome August 2, 2017

I was suffering from carpel tunnel in my right wrist which is also my dominant hand. I started using Koi CBD oil in my vape and my pain and flexibility in my wrist has improved majorly.

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Matt Endometriosis, Chronic Pain August 2, 2017

I got the Jade Koi for my wife to try for her Endometriosis. She had constant, daily pain and after using Koi for the past two weeks she experiences little to no pain. Koi is a godsend! Thank you.

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Noah S. Anxiety/Depression & Pain Management 500mg - Blue Koi August 2, 2017

I would like to give a huge thanks to Koi for making their products with such high quality, affordability, and flavors that anyone can enjoy! I have been using CBD for around 2 weeks now and have tried a variety of different products. I can say with 100% honesty that Koi is not only the most effective juice but my personal favorite! I started using Blue Koi at the 500mg dosage and it does wonders on my anxiety and depression as well as a comforting pain management after a taxing day at work. I recently purchased my first bottle of the Jade juice and am happily awaiting for its arrival so I can try yet another amazing Koi flavor! For anyone who has doubts about trying this product I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and give some CBD a try. This is truly life saving and I am a customer for life!

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Caryn Arthritis, Insomnia, Anxiety, Blood Pressure Stabilizer August 3, 2017

Huge fan!! Narcotics no longer work and thankfully I have found KOI! I have tried several other brands and found that vaping KOI has worked best! Easy to use and quick to work!! The latest benefit I discovered was that it has brought my BP down!! Last week at a doctors appointment without vaping, my BP was 130/89, which is high for me. Yesterday, prior to a procedure that I was quite nervous about and I knew would be painful, I vaped in the bathroom and my BP was down to 117/70!! During the procedure my doc said, “Wow! You’re tough!! And so relaxed!” I told her why and she was thrilled to hear that I had taken my health into my own hands and found an alternative method that was working so well for me!! If that doesn’t advocate for CBD oil, and in my opinion, KOI, I don’t know what will!! I am 1 extremely happy customer!!!

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Andrew Chronic Pain, Tremors August 4, 2017

I had spine surgery back in 2014 for scoliosis and I developed a really bad tremors in my hands and bad back pain. I tried Koi CBD and it completely got rid of the tremors and pain. And as a bonus they have really fast shipping.

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Chris C. Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia August 4, 2017

I haven’t slept this good in years. I used to be into weight lifting. I suffered a shoulder injury, and was unable to workout. Although I’m still not working out, I’m no longer in pain. I also have a day job with heavy computer use, and my shoulder hurts from using the mouse. I no longer have this problem. My anxiety is no longer a problem, either. Can’t say enough about the benefits of this product.

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Darlene H. Anxiety, Arthritis August 5, 2017

I am new to CBD and it did not take me long to start feeling the positive effects of CBD. I purchase the White Koi and mix it with my e-liquids for vaping. I have found this to be a great help and it is definitely helping with my issues that I listed. I am so glad I found you. Can you please come out with something for cats so my disabled cat can benefit from CBD like I have? Thank you so much for making this.

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Reina P. Chronic Back & Leg Pain, Neuropathy, Insomnia August 7, 2017

I’ve been taking this CBD oil for a month now and it is a lifesaver. I stopped taking my nerve pain medication 3 weeks ago. No more weight gain and feeling like a zombie. This stops the nerve pain in my legs & feet instantly without all the terrible side effects. Sublingually, It didn’t work for me so I’ve been vaping it throughout my day and it has lowered my pain level drastically I’d say to a 3. My back no longer feels locked and the constant ache is gone. I’ve dealt with chronic back pain and neuropathy for close to 7 years with my pain level beyond 10 majority of the time. Pain killers do absolutely nothing for me but wire me up. I love me some edibles but even my own edibles I’ve built a tolerance to and I’m head high with the pain still in the background. I truly hate a head high so this is perfect for me and for the first time in 17 years I’m free of insomnia and sleeping with out multiple sleep meds. I feel like myself again for the 1st in a long time.

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Jess O. Chronic Pain, Anxiety August 7, 2017

Koi has been a life saver. I have suffered for more than 10 years with pain and anxiety. I have been on every medication you can think of. Nothing has helped me like this product has so far. It'€™s the only thing that I use for my health problems. My pain and anxiety melt away. The taste is yummy as well.

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Cody L. IBS, Stomach Disorders August 7, 2017

I just tried this CBD e-liquid. This is the first time trying CBD, aside from a single water bottle form a year back. And let me tell you, what I noticed was instant. My stomach pains have disappeared, my IBS hasn't been flaring up, I feel like I did before any of this. To summarize, thank you all at Koi, for helping me feel great again.

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Amy B. Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Insomnia, Chronic Pain August 9, 2017

I’ve been in a Fibromyalgia flair that I couldn’t get any relief from for weeks and with it a migraine that wouldn’t break for days. I wasn’t sleeping and my muscles pain and spasms were the worst I’ve had in a long time. The first night I used this, I slept through the night and the migraine was gone in the morning. I also have trouble walking right out of bed but this helped this the first morning. I wasn’t stiff and sore like I usually am. I used it randomly through the day and I continued to feel less stiff and the next night I slept sound again. I usually sleep with a lot of pillows to cushion my muscles but I got rid of those on night #2 and felt even better, less stiff and even almost smooth in my walking. Still no migraine on morning #3. The thing is I didn’t feel anything while I was vaping so my confidence in the product was low the first time I used it, So use the product and wait, It’s not like a bolt of lightning or a pill. This is a great product.

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Clayton Chronic Insomnia, Crohns Disease, Arthritis 250mg - White Koi August 9, 2017

I began using CBD for chronic insomnia. I had been on high dose sleep medication for almost 6 years. Over the years I began to build a resistance to it and the sleep mediation worked minimally. But it was the only way to get any sleep. I discovered CBD and decided it was worth a try. I use the 250mg flavorless in vape form. It has helped tremendously. It works as well as the heavy sleep medication did when I first began to take it. However it doesn'€™t give me the groggy feeling that the medication gives when I wake up. This has had a secondary benefit of helping me with my Crohn€™s and my Arthritis. I will continue to recommend this to anyone who suffers from any of these conditions.

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Chris PTSD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks 500mg August 9, 2017

So I have high anxiety which causes anxiety attacks along with PTSD and I use the Blue Koi now. Before, I was using another brand which was somewhat “working”. Currently using in the Koi Stik, no problems yet. I like the easy worry-free feeling I get along with lowered pain levels. I was on medication to help, but all that got me was an addiction. So changed my life and I’m turning to all natural was to deal with my day to day.

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Jimmy RA, Fatigue, Insomnia, Chronic Pain 500mg - Gold Koi August 11, 2017

I give CBD, especially KOI brand CBD a big thumbs up!
I have RA. Fatigue, Insomnia, joint pain, inflammation, and brain fog are all constant companions of mine.
I have noticed much less pain and fatigue since starting CBD oil. I’m sleeping better and feel rested when I wake up. I’m enjoying a clearer mind and greater focus without the edginess that came with massive doses of caffeine and energy drinks that I previously used in an attempt to overcome the fatigue and sleepiness that accompany RA and insomnia.
I’m currently using the Gold 500mg. I enjoy the taste that isn’t overpowering when vaped and taken orally.

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Mary T. Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Insomnia August 12, 2017

I have severe arthritis and constant leg, knee, and back pain. I’ve had trouble sleeping, due to pain, for many years. Koi CBD works amazingly to reduce the pain and help me get to sleep. Though skeptical about it initially, I am now a firm believer in the benefits of Koi CBD.

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Lindsey T. Bipolar Disorder, Akathisia 250mg - White Koi August 13, 2017

I have akathisia, which is a side-effect of the antipsychotic medication I take for my bipolar disorder. Until now, the only treatment for it has been benzodiazepines (i.e. Xanax), and even with that I still shake my legs non-stop. I also do an hour of cardio 5x a week, but that doesn’t keep me from shaking or tremors, either. A friend of mine is a nurse, and she recommended I try CBD oil. I got the Koi White 250mg in the mail yesterday and took one dropper sublingually when I got back from the gym. I expected to wait at least an hour for the effects, but my legs stopped shaking within MINUTES. You cannot imagine what a relief it is to simply be able to sit still. No impairment of functioning, no high, no bad taste- Just sitting still at the table eating my breakfast. I will continue to use this product, and recommend trying Koi when all else has fails.

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David PTSD, Chronic Pain, Insomnia 500mg August 14, 2017

After just 2 doses I can already feel normal. The pain has dropped down to levels that are tolerable. I got 4 hours of dreamless sleep which to some might not be a lot but for me it’s a huge accomplishment. No anxiety when I woke up this morning and my stress levels are at bottom levels. My mind has completely shut out the constant reminder of my PTSD, which is a miracle. I highly recommend this product. 500mg is what I started with but I think I’ll bump it up to 1000mg as my tolerance level is high. Life changing is what I’m hoping for.

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Divy Chronic Pain, Eczema, Stress 250mg & 500mg August 14, 2017

Was really thinking at first for my husband to try due to really bad shoulder pain. He cannot pull a T-shirt off by himself without being in agony. I got the 250mg. I also tried it for my neck pain (sleeping recline on sofa with ice packs). He was skeptical, but tried it. By next day, he could raise his arms straight up with no problem, no pain or twinge. My neck is 98% better and can actually turn my head fully side to side. I'€™m sleeping great, took work stress level down quite a few notches, Also noticed an improvement on my dry skin/eczema patches. Upped the mg because of back issues. Having MIL try it for her bad knees. I ordered 2 more bottles. Once shared, your supply dwindles, lol. I am so happy I took a chance and tried something I wouldn't have thought of trying before. No kidding, you do learn something new everyday.

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Christopher N. Anxiety, Panic Attacks August 17, 2017

I’m a 26 year old male with moderate to severe anxiety. At times the anxiety can be crippling and make me feel immobilized, making everyday activities almost impossible. After much research on all other CBD products, this is the one that showed the lab results for 0% THC which is a huge factor for me as my job does urine and hair follicle tests. Koi CBD has enabled me to have a reliable product to eliminate anxiety when the waves of panic start rolling in. I feel as if it’s almost given me my life back. I no longer live in fear of a paralyzingly attack, I take a tincture or few hits off my vape and within minutes the CBD relaxes my mind and gives me control back. I cannot stress how thankful I am for this product and how I believe people NEED to try this before they decide to get on prescription meds for anxiety. I would give Koi 5/5 stars all day long. Thank you guys so much for making a product that has put me back behind the wheel of my own mind and not being a scared passenger just going through the motions. A now lifetime customer, Chris N

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George Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Anxiety 500mg & 1000mg - White Koi August 18, 2017

I bought the 500mg White and am experiencing definite relief from my arthritic pain in my hip. I’ve been experimenting on what dosage is best… I just purchased the 1000mg white, so I’ll see how that goes. My neck pain is still there although CBD seems to relax me so that I don’t get to the stage where my anxiety turns to panic, so that’s a win! I also wanted to say that I received a call from Marissa after having emailed a few questions and was highly impressed with the information I was given! Now that’s customer service, instead of shooting me back an email she called and spoke with me for at least 1/2 hour! I highly recommend KOI….. they seem to be a company that’s driven by their passion to truly help people!

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Odessa H. Anxiety, Depression, Migraines 500mg August 19, 2017

Koi CBD is life changing! I recently started taking 2 full droppers a day of the 500mg and I can already see the difference. My anxiety is non-existent now. And I have been affected by anxiety for quite some time. It has also completely curbed my depression which I had been suffering for close to 6 months. I also suffer from migraines. Since starting the oil I haven’t had a headache since. If I could rate this higher than a 5 I would. I am so thankful that I started taking this oil. I am now a life time customer! Do yourself a favor and buy this product immediately.

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Angela V. Anxiety, Prescription Medication Withdrawls 500mg August 19, 2017

I ordered 1 500mg bottle a week ago. I love this so much that I just ordered the variety pack! I have been trying to get off of lorazepam and it's been tough! I have been taking lorazepam for many years, This CBD vape helps so much with the withdrawal. I haven'€™t taken any lorazepam for 3 days! That'€™s pretty amazing! I've ALWAYS had horrible withdrawal! I HIGHLY recommend this product! Thank you Koi CBD!!!!

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Jerry S. Chronic Back Pain August 20, 2017

I have chronic back pain from a military parachute accident. My pain doctor of 10 years closed his practice. My new pain doctor reduced the number of Oxy 30mg from 6 per day to 4 a day. I have tried everything legal to fill the pain gap to no avail. This product has filled that gap.

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Paul Chronic Pain, Withdrawls August 22, 2017

I have been going to pain management for 13 years and I felt there had to be something better. I bought Koi CBD a few days ago and I have to tell you it seems to be working. I was afraid of withdrawal and to my surprise it is helping with that. Every time we go for a walk, I come back limping because my hip is killing me. When we came home tonight I looked at my wife and realized I had no hip pain. I am amazed.

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Keith Yezdanian Chronic Pain 500mg - White Koi September 2, 2017

I'm a Federal Firefighter/Hazardous Materials Technician and I broke my back in a fire rescue. With my back being broke it led to my lower spine being fused which failed and I've been in chronic pain for the past 7 years with high dosages of opiates pharmaceuticals. For the past 4 days those pains the pills couldn't touch have lessened,spasms are less and anxiety is down. Thanks

Christopher Wooley Inflammation & Sore Muscles 250mg & 500mg - Blue & Red Koi September 2, 2017

10 years as a skateboarder has taken a toll on my body. I have no plans in the near or distance future to give up skating. Koi cbd products give me the relief I need to keep pushing.

I vaporize before and after workouts for recovery and take a dropper under the tongue at night for a great nights sleep.

Duane Willis Pain 1000mg September 2, 2017

After trying several different brands I found Koi. I could tell by the first few vape hits this was REAL. This is the only brand I have ever reordered and plan to make it my go to for CBD Vape oil

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CelticCross74 Appetite Suppression, Nutraceutical 1000mg - White Koi September 3, 2017

I have been vaping for almost 24 months now and have finally been totally tobacco free for the same amount of time. Over that period of time I have tried many different flavors, potencies, tanks, coils etc.

I have not "partaken" in many years but this time I am not out to get a "buzz" I am partaking now because I just lost my health insurance which forced me off several meds a few of which were psych meds. I have plenty of experience with recreational use but this was my first attempt to see if CBD oil would actually do anything for me.

To my total and complete surprise the Koi White 1000mg 30ml bottle I bought and was adding a full dropper and a half worth to a "fresh" coil, flavor liquids to my 4ml and 5ml tanks and it worked immediately. I did not notice for about a day and a half that I had not eaten anything. I had zero and I mean ZERO appetite. I was also much more focused as well. Noticeable and appreciated mood stabilization noticed as well.

The Koi White 1000mg 30ml bottle I bought vaped better than any other e-liquid I have yet to try over the entire 2 years I have been vaping. The 1000mg e-liquid looks very very impressive and well made I am actually almost shocked really. Am now placing an order for the Green 1000mg 30ml bottle.

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Amber Trigeminal Neuralgia, Anxiety 250 Mg Jade Koi September 8, 2017

I was finally diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia in February of this year after 2+ years of indescribable pain (my worst attacks leave me rolling around on my bed moaning & literally unable to speak or even cry). I was immediately started on meds that helped but had terrible side effects. My husband had suggested CBD several times so when my doctor wanted to wean me off my meds to try something new, I decided to take the plunge. I tried CBD that I found locally & it helped some, but not enough so I did my research & found Koi. I've been using it for about 6 weeks now & it is amazing! I vape it throughout the day. I still get twinges of pain in my face occasionally, usually when I've forgotten to vape so I'll be ordering the 500 Mg next week to hopefully eliminate those. I am so very thankful to Koi for giving me my life back. Getting such a devestating diagnosis at my age (30 with 5 children & 4 bonus kiddos) had put me into a depression & made me question everything, including my career. I will recommend Koi to everyone I know because without it, I would still be rolling around my bed in agony & terrified of what my future held

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Nikki V Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Chronic Pain 500mg - Gold Koi, White Koi September 8, 2017

I've tried other CBD oils with some results but not the "miracle" that others said of the brands. Someone mentioned Koi and thought I'd try one more and I was done trying CBD Oils. Well I am done trying others because Koi is the best! Pain levels daily were 8-9, with Koi a 3-4!! I was an affiliate for another CBD oil Company. When I tried Koi I quit selling it because I can't tell people that that product was the best in my opinion. Koi is! I have my life back thanks to Koi!

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Liz G Anxiety, mild depression, insomnia 500mg - Gold Koi September 12, 2017

I have been struggling with moderate anxiety which has caused mild depression and frequent insomnia for about 2 years. I have tried everything from diet, exercise, natural herbs, etc and was starting to think my only hope was to go on an antidepressant. I really didn't want to because of side effects. I had read that CBD was effective for managing my conditions and tried it on a whim. It was honestly the best decision of my life. I've been taking it for 10 days now and have never slept better in my life. My anxiety is drastically reduced and I feel like myself again. As a registered nurse I would recommend this product to anyone. It has been a life changer for me.. THANK YOU !

Darla Pain, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Migraines, Menstruel. Koi Vape and Koi Dog Treats September 12, 2017

I started vaping about a year and a half ago. At the time I didn’t realize what changes would occur. I started to feel better after about a month and noticed a lot of my health problems went away. One day while trying to figure out an alternative to help with my anxiety attacks and panic attacks my boyfriend told me about a product our local vape shop started selling. So I went in and got a bottle of vanilla custard Koi and tried it. I can’t even tell you how good it felt! I decided to drop the rest of my prescriptions. I have since started using these products more and more and save more! I use them for everything from headaches, migraines, old sports injuries to my monthly. I swear by it! I have seen so many awesome things happen because of this product! It has been a long time since I have had any really bad migraines and I love that about this product!!! Just absolutely love it! I bought the dog treats for my boxer this last week and I can tell they help. My baby girl Lucy is getting up there in dog years and she has her bad days. I gave her a treat when I knew she needed it and she relaxed. My chihuahua gets nervous around a lot of people. She stood still for me to take a picture of! That never happens in any situation!!!

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Sierra Anxiety, depression 100 mg - Blue Koi September 14, 2017

I invested in a vape mod and CBD solely for the slight hope that it would better my depression and anxiety. Anybody who deals with this, or know somebody who does, is aware how heavily it can effect somebody's life. Fortunately, it was a good investment! I haven't been on it long, but my symptoms have reduced dramatically, which makes daily life much easier for me!
I purchased Koi, and a different brand (which I didn't like nearly as much). Koi has a great flavor and fragrance, as well as effective... what more could you ask for?

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Michael Koester Back pain (mostly) and anxiety 250mg - Blue Koi September 21, 2017

I get sciatic nerve pain and occasionally it causes me to have a limp almost to the point to where I need a cane to walk, and aspirin hasn't really done much for this, I used to smoke weed to deal with this, but for some personal reasons I decided to quit smoking weed about 7 months ago and haven't looked back, but I did notice and increase in back pain in the mean time, and found out about cbd through the grapevine and heard about Koi along the way and gave it a shot and honestly within the first hour of trying it I noticed a difference. With back pain you can't fake it feeling better especially if it makes you limp and grunt. Also I have a buddy who has back pain and migraines, plus high anxiety, and insomnia I turned him on to this, and honestly he tried calling my bluff saying "yeah right, I guess I'll try it but I don't believe you" to "holy hell man, my back doesn't hurt and I can sleep at night" to admit I thought I was crazy at first but hearing testimony after testimony, from back aches to seizures it's nice to know something like this exists and I can keep a clear head and keep my job.

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John H Chronic pain, Anxiety, Depression White Koi & Blue Koi September 21, 2017

This stuff is amazing! A year ago I injured my knee at work and since have had chronic pain, since using Koi my pain has went from a 9 to a 1-2. It also keeps my anxiety and depression at bay. Since day 1 with this product it has changed my life for the better. I absolutely recommend this to anyone who suffers from pain. It kills stress and anxiety in its tracks. Amazing stuff for sure!

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Bob Anxiety 500mg - Red Koi & the Koi Stik September 21, 2017

I've been using another brand sublingually and have been pleased by the results so far. The koi stik gives me the option of using it steadily through the day instead of taking one big dose at a time. The calming experience is also more immediate. I can feel the steadying effects right away! I can now use it all during the day whenever it is needed!

I will be a faithful customer from here on out!

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Daniel DDD of Thoracic Spine, Chronic pain, Anxiety 500mg - Blue Koi September 21, 2017

I have had chronic back pain for well over 2 years. Just last year it was so bad I started taking Tramadol 2+ times a day just to manage. After getting an MRI i was diagnosed with DDD of the Thoracic spine. I have 4 bulging discs in my back with one pinching a nerve. The mystery being that I have had no traumatic injury to contribute to this. My wife is not a fan of opiods which was the direction I was heading if we couldn't get my pain under control so she started researching. She discovered Koi and after researching the benefits of CBD for pain ordered me my first bottle. I went from 2+ pills a day to maybe 1 pill a week. We have experimented some and found the optimal for managing my pain is the 500mg. It also helps with my anxiety that comes with the chronic pain. It is an amazing alternative to what my doctor was pushing for and I'm so happy my wife found this for me.

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Suzanne My Daughter uses it for seizures. 500mg - Koi September 30, 2017

My daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy. She takes 3 drops nightly along with her prescribed meds. It controls her jerks and periods of anxiety. The KOI CBD 500mg. is amazing. We are so thrilled that this has been made available legally. Please keep the products like this coming. Anyone who has seizures, its a must that you try it. It has been life changing for my daughter. Thanks A Million....

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Candy Anxiety 500mg red koi October 2, 2017

After using this product for a few months, I no longer have to take prescription Xanax or celexa. My anxiety level has decreased dramatically!!

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William Bell Pain .restless leg syndrome, anxiety, calming effect. 250 mg vanilla Carmel vape. October 6, 2017

The hype is real been using CBD for three years now. Just started with koi. This product clean tastes better than most and at a lower dose seems to work better than most costing more. I will reorder from koi for sure.

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Nate Anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain 500 mg - Gold Koi October 6, 2017

I am a 32 year old pharmacist in a state where medical marijuana is legal, but there is no way I could do my job safely using THC products, plus I would probably be fired. I stand for 13 hours a shift, and due to sports and other injuries growing up I have chronic pain in ankles, knees and back. Started using this via vape and boom- no more taking muscle relaxers and nsaids several times a day. Has also helped with sleep and general anxiety, but I have a clear head to keep my patients safe while using.

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John Chronic Pain; Ulcerative Colitis 1000 mg White Koi October 6, 2017

I began vaping several years ago and bought a bottle of CBD vape liquid to give it a try. In the meantime, I started mixing my own juices, and did not have a way to add CBD. I bought a bottle of Koi White 1000mg so that I can add to my own mixes and still enjoy the great benefits of CBD. I am thrilled how well it works! BTW, the new fav is Raspberry Red Bull with half strength of the White! I have less pain and the UC is well controlled. Thanks Koi!

Christine Novak Zipporah (My Pitbull) CBD Dog Treats October 6, 2017

I have felt that my dog may have been having joint pain for a couple weeks now and she also deals with anxiety due to loud noises and past abuse. I started her on Glucosamine Chondroitin tablets, but she wouldn't chew them, so I had to shove them down her throat, which I hated doing. I bought a bag of these treats and she eats them voluntarily. I noticed on the second day, she was a lot more playful! I think this is a great product for pets!

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Mitchell Barney Chronic Pain and Anxiety 250MG - Blue Koi October 6, 2017

I bought Koi just a week ago after not being fully satisfied with pain relief from prescription medication for chronic pain as well as severe anxiety. Very quickly I've noticed significant relief with pain from inflammation as well as myalgia, both being chronic in nature.

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Mrs. Howle Anxiety & Fibromyalgia 500mg - Blue Koi October 6, 2017

I'm allergic to fibromyalgia medication and have suffered from it since I was 15 (Now 23). I also have bad anxiety. I have had panic attacks since 3rd grade. When I was a teen I smoked weed. That was the only thing to help my chronic pain and anxiety. But I haven't smoked in years!! Well I have been using this CBD oil for about 3 months and it has helped me out tremendously!!!! I recommend this to EVERYONE that is looking for something to help their anxiety or any type of pain. I send them a link to this page and they usually message me back within 2 weeks telling me they love it! The flavors are also amazing! I'm now looking into buying the 1000mg. Thank you so much for these products! I will continue to buy from this company!

Chad George TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Fixations, Mood 1000 MG - White Koi, Gold Koi, Blue Koi (My favorite) October 17, 2017

When I was 17 years old I was in a severe car accident and was in a coma for 2 1/2 months. I collapsed both lungs, broke both eye orbitals, broke ribs on right side of my body and my right leg and ankle. I suffer from a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury. My doctors and my neurologist said I would never live a normal life again. I went through years of cognitive therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy. The State of New York exempted me from my junior year in high school. During my senior year I would forget what class I had next or even where I was in the building. My locker was in from of the main office because there were signs to point me in the direction of the main office. To make a long story short... I was all messed up and I knew I would never be the same.

Today, I have a degree in Education and have proven everyone wrong. I live a "normal" life but suffer from so many mental hurdles. Because of my lack of memory, I fixate on everything. I am always trying to process information that I hear or read. I can not comprehend information fast enough. I try to focus so hard on everything so I can comprehend and understand things. I have severe anxiety, short term memory loss, depression, can't sleep, my digestion sucks, can't let go of anything, my brain runs non stop, until.....

I went to a vape shop one day when I was about to lose it and was going to buy a vape pen and vape juice instead of buying cigarettes. I told the guy about my condition and he recommended me try some CBD oil. I bought a small vape pen and some vape juice. Put everything together and HOLY SH**!!!! I was normal. It happened that quick for me. Most everything disappeared. I had the I don't give a damn attitude. I was relaxed, calmer, and my anxiety was no more. Since that day roughly 8 months ago I have been studying everything I can about CBD oil. What do you want to know? I can tell you. Remember, I don't quit and my brain cant stop.

Since I have been using CBD oil on a daily basis this is my summary:

I started using 1oz of 500mg and that would last me roughly 1 week. I would vape and vape and vape. Eventually I went to 1000 mg because I couldn't feel the immediate effects anymore, however, I still felt calm, relaxed, no anxiety. Now I take 2 pipets full a day. 1 in the morning and 1 at night. sometimes 1 in the afternoon if I think I need it. I take it Sublingually because the vape really didn't work for me because it became a pain in the butt. I now consume 2 one ounce bottles of the 1000 mg per month.

I sleep like a baby at night.
I go number 2 like normal people do now! Great feeling!!
My anxiety is gone
I'm not depressed
I don't fixate on things like I used to.
It is amazing!!!

I have tried almost every CBD oil on the market. At least 6 different manufacturers. Koi by far is and has been the best. What do you want to know? I can tell you. By far the best product, best price, best service, and best results.

I have reviewed Koi CBD Oil with my doctor and she thinks it is great. She even gave me a drug test to make sure that I knew that I would not fail a drug test. At first I kept everything very quiet because I didn't know if this oil was legit and was safe.

Everyone that I know knows about Koi CBD Oil and what it has done for me and is amazed. My wife will tell you it needs to be part of my daily regiment. If I don't take the CBD oil for about a week I start the Anxiety, depression and fixations all over again. Then I take 2 pipets of the Koi CBD and it is gone.

Please! I have not taken an hour of my day to write this for any reason but to make sure you try Koi CBD Oil for yourself. If you have a TBI, anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, fixations, this oil will eliminate it. CBD Isolateis amazing and has been around for 100's of years. This Oil and the CBD chemistry is amazing for your mental and digestive health. Try it and you will not regret it!!!!

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KW PTSD anxiety 500mg & 1000mg - Gold Koi October 17, 2017

Served two tours in Iraq. Received a purple heart. Diagnosed with PTSD and Anxiety. Placed on many meds. Finding they didn't work and made some issues worse. I heard about cbd oil and how many of my friends found that cbd works. I tried and I'm very pleased.

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Lillian Chiari Malformation 1000mg - Jade Koi October 17, 2017

I have Chiari which causes many symptoms but migraines, neck pain and nausea are what I use cbd for to help control it. If I feel one of these coming on I smoke koi out of my convenient Koi STik. Great taste, I love it makes a world of difference in my day. Thank you

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Dane Herbert Recreation, Anxiety 250mg - Jade Koi October 17, 2017

I have tried cbd before but nothing like this. This within minutes seemed to relax and mellow my body and it feels great. It also tastes great and my overall satisfaction is 5 stars! Certainly will be buying again!

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Jason Anxiety, Chronic Pain, A replacement for Nicotine 250mg - Blue Koi October 17, 2017

Really great product for the price, only thing is that your childproof dropper is complete b.s. and broke after opening once, and in the process of getting that devil off I scratched the side, and had to fish out paint chips from my atomizer. If anything I think you should just scratch the black paint (ha) and just go for clear bottles.

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Ann Lupus, anxiety 100mg - Koi CBD Gummies October 17, 2017

I have lupus,anxiety,panic attacks,depression, and arthritis. My anxiety has been uncontrollable. I cannot believe how this calms me down. I also get insomnia and it helps me through my racing thoughts and i have been sleeping much better.

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Lauren Arnett Scoliosis and anxiety. 500mg - White Koi October 17, 2017

I have constant pain. I have for about 15 years, it wasn't until a few years ago that my scoliosis was causing a lot of problems. I'm 27 years old and shouldn't have to be shuffling around and screaming in pain. I'm an ex addict so pain meds were a no. I started vaping over a year ago and they had just got this in my vape shop.. I was skeptical at first but after heavy research i said screw it. Let me tell you I haven't felt this good since i was 12. I can sleep without waking up every 20 minutes in pain. This is a wonderful product.

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Sonya Stress and anxiety 250mg - White Koi October 17, 2017

I have 5 small boys and a husband that is a big kid himself sometimes. Between the cooking and cleaning it can be stressful. So I use the cbd instead of the pills the doctors want me to take. The cbd helps me so much and it's not killing my insides like pills. I love my cbd oil it's great.

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Cody Anxiety, stress relief, relaxation 250mg - Red Koi October 17, 2017

First off. I ordered a bottle on Thursday and received it 2 days later. Unbelievably fast shipping especially because I live on the east coast. I read a ton of reviews on the strawberry milkshake, both good and bad. My experience was great. I didn't have a funny feeling in the back of my throat after vaping like others have stated. After 2 or 3 drags I get instant relief. I've taken a few drops sublingually as well. Felt a bit stronger of an effect that way. Next time I order, I'll definitely go with the 500mg. Thank you Koi cbd! Ill definitely spread the word.

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Sheri Irish Menopause issues, joint pain, anxiety, bursitis 250mg October 20, 2017

I started taking the 250mg oil about 5 days ago and i was having trouble getting and staying asleep and also leg pain hip pain etc. and anxiety before taking Koi 250mg and now i sleep most of the night and wake up almost pain free and I am feeling so much better and more relaxed.

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Alicia Anxiety 250mg for my vape October 20, 2017

I've been taking anti-anxiety medicine consistently for over 3 years. If I couldn't take my medicine for some reason, like not being able to keep anything down, I would notice a huge change in my mood and thoughts. I've been vaping with Koi, using it alone and mixing it with my favorite nicotine e-juices, and my anxiety feels even more under control than it had been. I haven't been taking my prescription anti-anxiety medicine and haven't been freaking out, fidgeting, or having mood swings! I am absolutely loving Koi's cbd oils!!

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Chris Watkiss Chronic migraines and pain/inflammation from bodybuilding 500mg - Variety Pack October 24, 2017

I am a USAF medically disabled veteran due to chronic migraines. I’ve had the migraines since 2004 with no known cause. Years of taking pain medications which led to anxiety and depression and alcohol abuse. Due to long term health concerns I stopped all medications and drinking for the past year. Always looking for something to help with the onset of my migraines I started researching CBD. I’m a fitness enthusiast with a goal of doing competitive bodybuilding and lifting competitions. The problem with that is the years of injures has caught up to me. Many aches and pains and inflammation throughout my body causing severe joint discomfort. Many of my friends in the fitness industry use CBD and my pain management doctor told me to try the CBD. Since I wanted something that could help for onset pain I went to vaping. Since starting I’ve noticed less and less headaches and the ones I get are minor. The aches, pains, and inflammation have decreased drastically to where I am doing more in the gym and lifting heavier. Unbelievable how well this is working. I haven’t felt this good in years which has made me a happier and better person in less pain.

Dustin Wilkerson Anxiety and Back Pain Koi flavorless October 24, 2017

I have been using cbd for a few months I was very skeptical at first but I have to say koi is the best so far it has helped tremendously with my back pain an tremors and shakes from anxiety and my social life I love it I recommend this product for anyone it makes me feel amazing and normal again thank you koi.

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Thuysi Ho Anxiety and Sleep 250mg - Jade Koi October 24, 2017

I've been vaping nicotine e-liquid at various nicotine concentrations for a while, and kind of got tired of the nicotine effect and decided to try CBD. I researched other CBD e-liquids (from Cloud-9, etc) before deciding on Koi. I order the 250mg - Jade Koi...the effects came on almost immediately after 3 hits. I felt calm, relaxed, and happy - I was a skeptic at first but after trying this I will never buy nicotine e-liquid again. DEFINITELY A RETURNING CUSTOMER. 🙂

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S.C. Chronic Pain, Anxiety 500mg - Gold Koi October 26, 2017

Just trying this. I like it so far. It tastes great. I have the Vanilla Caramel Gold in 500mg. I couldn't walk for years due to my lower back. Several years ago, I had lower back and neck surgery. I still have stiffness and a little pain, but I have arthritis in my shoulders as well and lots of headaches. I really didn't like taking so many NSAIDs to just be able to move. So far, so good with this. I've been using for about 5 days. I've noticed a decrease with anxiety and less headaches as well as the headaches being less severe. I have been vaping only, so far. Thank you guys! I look forward to this journey <3

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SUSAN POMOCNIK Pain and anxiety 500mg - White Koi October 26, 2017

Wracked with pain from early life back injuries, Fibromyalgia and neuropathy pain added to it. Switching back forthe from Valerian Root to Melantonin for sleep and sometimes neither would work. Riddled with anxiety over the stressors of life and just wishing for peace. Wanted to try CBD for awhile and finally took the plunge a week ago with Koi. I have found my peace in a little 30ml bottle that has eased my pain, given me the carefree feelings of my youth and lets me sleep like a baby. Can this be for real? Never want to be without it again. No haze in the mind, no groggy feelings, no mind altering effects, just peace.

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Walker F. Chronic Back Pain 100mg - All flavors of E liquid October 30, 2017

I have suffered from lower back pain for 17 years, the result of two terrible car accidents. For the most part I have been able to manage the pain with stretching, alcohol, and perseverance. 3 weeks ago the pain became so intense it started to affect my day to day life to the point I could not work. At the same time I made a commitment to change my use of alcohol as a medicine as my intake had reached levels that concerned me. My wife talked to me about CBD, specifically KOI. After some research and reading the testimonials we pulled the trigger and placed an order. The day that my order arrived was the same day that my boss walked in to my office to find me on my knees in front of my computer trying to finish a document because it hurt so bad, it was physically impossible to sit. I took my first sublingual dose on Monday at 4pm. I have used the product aggressively (by my definition) to address the pain (2 full droppers of 100mg each day - 1 in the morning before work and 1 after work). It is Friday today, I am sitting at my desk, in tears again.. only not due to pain, this time due to the realization that I don't hurt. I have hurt for 17 years, and today is the first time that I feel like I can sit down, and not hurt. I worried 5 years ago I would not be able to lift up and hold my children due to pain and today I feel better than I have in nearly 2 decades. I would be amazed if that was it, but there is more. Since beginning my regiment I have felt calm and level headed, like stress is a choice, not a prison. I don't know if I suffer from anxiety there is no diagnosis, but I do know that I can be quick to jump and try to control all aspects of any interaction, I would get agitated very easily and want to be 'in charge' of everything. As a father this was challenging because my intensity caused me to feel guilty about how I interacted with my daughters, as a husband I struggled because of not being able to relax with my wife. This past week has been so wonderful, I feel so patient, the little things are allowed to be little things for the first time in so long. I am beyond words with this product, I didn't think it was possible to reach this level of peace, especially in such a short time. I hope that this product can help someone else as much as it has helped me. I look forward to a long relationship with KOI. Thank you for this day, it is amazing to feel this way, I forgot what it was like.

Sam Recreational 500mg - Blue Koi October 30, 2017

I don’t have any illnesses but I use to smoke for fun. Now I’m a truck driver so I had to leave that behind. Being a truck driver, I come home with aching muscles and being all around sore. I gave this a try with some hesitation about the buying process. They email you updates and give you a tracking number. It got here on time and I’m completely satisfied. Definitely won’t get you high but great use for anti inflammatory and all around relaxation!

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Rob Pain, opioid addiction 500mg - Pink Koi October 30, 2017

I recently quit pain pills and smoking thc. Was extremely hard but with the help of counseling and the pink 500mg tincture I've been 2 months sober and going strong. Its very relaxing and helpful without taking away my clear headedness, which is awesome. I never realized how thc alone can mess you up, so im glad i quit both. Thank you

Amanda Anxiety 250mg - Gold Koi October 31, 2017

I have been using 250mg of Koi CBD up to 3 times a day. I usually just put one dropper full under my tongue. I went to my local vape shop and discovered this and I just had to try it. That was the best decision of my life. It has helped me relax and I have zero anxiety already and it's only been a week!!! Oh and the taste is amazing.

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Heather Insomnia, Headaches 250MG - Blue Koi October 31, 2017

I had been using another CBD brand and wanted a more natural, better product. I did my research and saw Koi was rated#1 and I agree! The flavor of the blue raspberry and dragon fruit actually work well together and tastes great! I am able to sleep better and haven't had to take my prescription headache pills!! It's not a miracle in a bottle but pretty close! If you are looking for a natural quality product .I highly recommend Koi CBD!

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David Curran My wife's pain resulting from MS 500mg - Gold Koi November 1, 2017

My wife has had pain she endures with MS for almost 30 years and the high dose pain killers just don't work at times. She uses this for her pain causing it to fade away quickly making her life more pleasant. She prefers Koi over taking the drugs she hates. I highly recommend Koi CBD and so does my wife. It's a great product that helps to relieve her constant pain.

Tammy Burns Back pain, nerve pain, anxiety and lung health. Plus all the other added benefits of CBD's 1000mg - Flavored & White Koi to mix with my favorite e juice flavors. November 1, 2017

I started using the Koi product for the higher quality. I have lower back pain from a 3 disk fusion that required addition work due to nerve bed damage at L5, for those that don't know the L5 nerve root controls much of the nerve conduction to the legs and feet with the Koi product all the nerve pain disappears as well as the nerve pain in my back. As a former smoker the relief from the inhale is wonderful. I also have anxiety and depression issues that fade away with the aid of Koi. I can use this at anytime and the relief is almost immediate. With a little more relaxing enjoyment in the evening I get a pain free nights sleep.

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Judah Hanh Acne 100mg - Jade Koi November 2, 2017

I've been struggling with anxiety since I was a teenager, and had trouble finding things to help. I found Koi CBD after doing some research on sites like http://cbdacneproducts.com/, and leafly. Been using the juice in my vape for a few weeks now and i feel it's been helping my acne significantly. I'm honestly surprised and I want to find some topical CBD to use also. I love this product and am impressed. Would def recommend to a friend.

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Laura PTSD, generalized anxiety 250mg - Blue Koi November 2, 2017

So far as the positive effects of CBD oil overall- it’s been life changing. I went from constantly being on edge, spinning out and if I’m honest, deep in the worst parts of PTSD without medication. After having my doctor literally laugh in my face after reading my therapists reccomendation that I be prescribed something for anxiety and to treat PTSD, I never got the courage to see another and just took his advice to drink more alchohol (not even joking on that one.). After some time, I realized that I could not calm down without actively drinking and that just wasn’t gonna cut it, so I sought other options.

That’s how I ended up trying KOI CBD. It was a desperate shot in the dark and I knew it. I figured it wouldn’t work.

It’s been a miracle. I’m back to work, and exceeding all of my superiors expectations regularly. I feel as though I can act with confidence that I’m not being driven by anxiety and fear but knowledge and good instincts.

The only reason I gave the blue one a 4 star review rather than 5 is the icky taste. Honestly, it tastes like cough syrup. I thought maybe it was just me being picky and had my husband taste it and he said the same. Just ew- that said, I have no hesitation when I take it. I know that I will experience the incredible benefits and it goes right down- something that I’ve struggled with previously with other meds.

I would also like to note that I am regularly drug tested for my job (approx every 30 days) and have not popped for anything. This was a huge concern of mine as well.

Bottom line, if you’re on the fence about using CBD to treat PTSD or anxiety, I highly recommend it. You owe it to yourself to give it a try. I hope you do and I know that the difference will be as life changing for you as it is for me.

Julián Problema para dormir "Sleeping problem" 250mg - Blue Koi November 6, 2017

Tengo problema para dormir debido al estres, no tomo medicamentos por que no los tolero, los tome algun tiempo pero me causaban somnolencia al dia siguiente y me era dificil trabajar, con Koi blue 250mg vapeo un gotero en la noche y me voy a dormir tranquilo y al otro dia amanezco descansado y activo. Amo a Koi gracias por hacer este producto.

Translation: I have trouble sleeping due to stress, I do not take medication because I do not tolerate it, I took it some time but it caused me drowsiness the next day and it was hard for me to work, with Koi blue 250mg vape a dropper in the night and I go to sleep calmly and the next day I wake up rested and active. I love Koi thank you for making this product.

Patrick Dillow I got this product for my fiancé. She has spinal and many other physical and pain issues. 500mg - White Koi November 8, 2017

My fiancé just had rods and screws placed in her back. She has tried other brands of cbd but did not get the results like she is with your product. We will be ordering more. Thank you for giving her some relief.

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Ben Pain CBD oil November 10, 2017

I couldn't be happier with Koi's customer service. There was a incident where my bottle of CBD came damaged, and Koi replaced if without hesitation. Excellent customer service, and I will for sure be returning.

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Matt Help curb nicotine addiction Koi cbd e-liquid November 10, 2017

It's nice to find a cbd product that has 0 thx so it won't cause any employment issues. The taste and smoothness of the vapor is as good quality as nicotine fluids. 👍

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rich rogan back pain , severe anxiety 500mg - Blue Koi November 10, 2017

3 back surgeries, in the last 6 years and 30 years of near incapacitating anxiety. I took up a serious meditation practice but it's not always enough.  Thank goodness for Koi CBD. Back pain is reduced significantly and anxiety treated with meditation reiki and cbd is gone! The pain I can deal with but the anxiety was the worst part. and pharmaceutical meds do nothing but hold me in a pattern and many times are not effective. As well I abhor narcotic pain medication. Now, best of all I am back at work!

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Jerali Patillo Depression, Anxiety 250mg - Blue Koi November 13, 2017

I have never heard of CBD oil until just a few days ago, and a friend of mine said that she is trying cbd oil for panic attacks and anxiety. And she let me try them under the tougue and within 10 min, I felt so laser focused, I felt so mellow but not sleepy or drowsy and all my feelings of feeling buried and smooshed under the weight of the world was gone. It's the first time in a long time, I felt normal again. I had to get my own bottle and I started vaping it, and it is amazing. I feel completely changed, and I will never go without it again. Definitely life changing.

Estevan Chronic Pain, Upset stomach, arthritis 250mg - Gold Koi November 15, 2017

I was in car accident 3 years ago which had me in the hospital for 9 days and had undergo 6 surgeries at the age of 20. After a long recovery and 8 surgeries later I have constant knee pain as well as ankle. A friend had told me about CBD ejuice which I became immediately interested in. Since I had just quit smoking cigarettes and had started vaping. So I did my research and found that Koi is the best brand out in the US for CBD additive ejuice. I work 10hours on my feet which has my whole body in extreme pain after work at times. I use CBD it works great for inflammation and helps extremely well for me when it gets cold in the winter. I will continue to support Koi for 3 reasons the taste is on point, the potency, and Price.

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Graeme Johnson Depression, anxiety, chronic pain. 500mg - Red Koi November 15, 2017

My buddy had a bottle at work and we started vaping it there and I noticed that it would completely change my mood for the better. I have terrible neck pain from a car accident and this eases up on that for me. Great product.

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BJ Anxiety & Sleep 100mg - Blue Koi November 16, 2017

Stuff really works to calm my anxiety and help my insomnia! Also fast shipping. Product came 1 day earlier than expected. Looking forward to doing business with Koi again! Would like to try other flavors of the CBD vape oil. Thanks KOI!!!

Devin Anxiety, pain 500mg - Blue Koi November 16, 2017

I have bad anxiety and back pain. My brain tends to stress on things beyond control. I feel like I am overwhelmed with everything. CBD helps slow down my thoughts, allows me to relax, and enjoy life. It eases my back pain, and makes me less irritable. I started with Jade Koi 250mg and noticed a difference. My next purchase was the Blue Koi 500mg, and I love it. Looking forward to trying all the other products.

Jesse yount Anxiety 100mg - Gold Koi November 17, 2017

Thank you for your product! It definitely helps calm my anxiety a ton! To those saying the price is too high, you may not know the process it takes to get it. To me it's worth it. And I'll gladly pay it. I'm going to try your blue 250mg next time. Keep up the good work!

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George Vann Tremors 1000mg November 17, 2017

Stops tremors in less then five min.

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Jesse Lower back pain, arthritis, anti inflammatory properties and to help sleep/relax 250mg & 500mg - Blue & Gold Koi November 17, 2017

I am so happy that I’ve discovered CBD. Naturally a search on the web shows over and over that Koi is the market leading standard. I suffer from low back issues (bulging discs, nerve pain) and arthritis from old injuries. I also do not sleep well from an ever changing work schedule. Koi has significantly reduced my lower back and arthritic pain, and almost immediately puts me in a very pleasant state of relaxation. I am very impressed that they have managed to harness all of the healing properties of the cannabis plant without having any THC whatsoever, as well as no psychoactive effects caused by marijuana. This is an amazing product and I will no doubt be a customer for life! 🙂

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Thomas quiting weed, severe IBS, sleeping 500mg - Blue Koi, Koi Stik November 17, 2017

I have had severe IBS for the past 6 years and like many other cases the doctors could never find the cause and no medications worked. Eventually i tried weed and this was the best fix... until i got arrested with it. So then I heard about CBD and found this product and what can I say, its amazing, since the first puff of this product ive had 0 stomach issues and sleeping is a breeze. I love the fact that it doesn"t make me lazy and i can stay productive, if not more productive, throughout the day. 10/10 😀

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Jonathan R. Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Sleep 500mg & 1000mg - Blue Koi & White Koi November 17, 2017

I am a 22-year old guy and have been suffering from severe, chronic pelvic, back, and neck pain. My doctor told me I had severe arthritis of a 65-year old. I take prescription pain and anxiety medications for my chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep. They help me but only to an extent, and they tend to cause side effects. After coming across CBD, I decided to give it a try. I bought a vaporizor pen along with a bottle of 500mg of Koi CBD oil - and it was the BEST decision I've EVER made! I sincerely mean it when this CBD oil not only keeps my pain under control, but it basically diminishes it. As for my anxiety and sleep, it works wonders! Koi CBD oil gives me a calm, serene, and relaxed feeling throughout the day while improving my mood. There's been nothing but positive effects ever since I turned to CBD. It doesn't have a foul odor nor taste and the blueberry dragonfruit flavor is delicious! Koi CBD oil is a very high-quality brand. My sister is a chronic pain patient as well and she uses Koi CBD oil with her vaporizer pen with a lot of success, as well.

I've been a chronic pain patient for 5 years now and this is the BEST I've ever felt since using CBD oil. I've also been sleeping so soundly every night. I don't use any other brand besides Koi because of its trustworthy quality and great taste. I've found myself taking less and less of my prescription painkillers as well as my prescription anti-anxiety meds. I'm going to be using CBD for as long as I can since it improves my quality of life with so many benefits. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon this miracle of a pain, anxiety, and sleep treatment. I give it 5 stars! Thank you so much, Koi!

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Sam Yingling Severe back pain from an accident in 2015. 250mg - Green Koi November 18, 2017

In 2015, I had a 470lb beam fall on me when I was up on a ladder. It crushed my head between it and the concrete. I had to have 9 staples. Broke my jaw, nose, and left ear drum. I was in a coma for 3 days and in ICU for 13. They put a tube in my back to drain fluid off my brain. I get Percocet 10 but takes 45 mins to start working. So I vape Koi first thing in the morning to help me get out of bed. I also vape it to help with pain throughout the day. This is my second time to ordering Koi. I've tried three other brands from my local vape shops. Koi is the only one that REALLY helps. I think I need to try your 500mg or the 1000mg. The 250mg works but I have to vape it more often. Both times I got the Watermelon/Apple and it's good but think I want to try other flavors.

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J & J (siblings with chronic pain disorders) chronic pain , breakthrough pain, anxiety, spasms, and to help relax 500mg & 1000mg - White Koi November 19, 2017

I am very thankful to have found this and I've shared it with my sibling. We both have chronic pain conditions that are debilitating. I was born with my condition and my sibling became injured from working out. I have had many surgeries and procedures and suffer every day. I'm so thankful to have found koi, It has truly helped to bring my pain level from a 10 to a 1 on some days. I don't know how to thank you, I feel hope know instead of worry. Thanks so much for helping us with your cbd oils, They are a Blessing to my family and I. 🙂

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Gerald Thierer Chronic Pain 500mg - Green Koi November 20, 2017

I have been dealing with chronic pain for the past 5 years. I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis and have had 5 hip replacement surgeries and have been in pain ever since the first surgery. Then had a neurostimulator put in my back to mask the pain which has not helped. A friend told me about CBD juice so I tried many different products which didn't help me at all. In my search I found Koi and thank god for that. I start my day off with about 2mLs of Koi Green 500mg under my tongue and it has really changed my life. I am not pain free but Koi has helped me start my day off on a positive note. THANK YOU KOI !!!!!!

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Charlie Hull low level pain and insomnia 500mg - Red Koi November 20, 2017

For the first time in years i am sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time and those low level pains i have in the morning are slowly fading away 🙂 Only downpoint and why i took a star off is the price 60 bucks for a 30 ml means i will only be able to afford it once in a blue moon 🙁

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Stacey Anxiety, panic attacks 500mg - White Koi November 21, 2017

I get stressed and panicked easily, and am dealing with things I can't handle on my own. While my support system at home is amazing it doesn't help with the anxiety. I started vaping for fun and found koi and now I feel more relaxed and less stressed.

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Vicky Woodruff Parkinson’s, anxiety, and pain 500mg - Blue Koi November 21, 2017

The Koi has really helped with my anxiety and pain I also am sleeping much better at night

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Christopher Casella Migraines Depression Anxiety 1000mg - Gold Koi November 24, 2017

I have been fighting with migraine and depression and anxiety for the last 20 years. My doctors and psychiatrist have had me try every prescription out there. Nothing really ever works. I heard about Koi and said what the hell let me try it. It's only been about a week and so far so good. My fingers are crossed that Koi is the thing I have been looking for the past 20 years.

Martin Alejandre Anxiety depression and trouble sleeping 250mg - Red Koi November 25, 2017

I really liked it the 1st day i got it i took three hits on my vape pen about 3hrs apart last one before bed and i slept amazing throughout the day. I felt a sense of calmness and the stress on the back of my neck disappeared i really enjoy this product and feel its very beneficial I'm a satisfied customer ready to try all flavors.

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Lacey Anxiety, Depression, Sleep 500mg - Blue Koi November 27, 2017

I have a major depression and anxiety, I’m trying to stay away from antidepressants as they make me feel like a sensitive whine bag. I sleep maybe 4 hours tops. I decided to try CBD after reading about all the benefits & having a high tolerance to thc I started the 500mg. After the second night I slept a solid 6 hours and five the next. I’ve recommended to a few of my friends already. I’m a holistic person and so far I’m really loving the oil.

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Carisa Murphy Chronic pain, anti-seizure, leg spasms, sleep, anxiety 500mg - Blue Koi November 30, 2017

I had 2 strokes 2 1/2 years ago and was permanently disabled due to seizures, partial paralysis, spasms, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and have to now depend on a cane to walk. This is my 4th bottle of Koi CBD oil. I and everyone around me are amazed at the improvement in my walk, I am off of 3 of my 9 meds. The ones that cause the most side effects, my seizure meds(2X a day), my muscle relaxers(3X a day), and my pain meds(2X a day)!! That is 7 less pills I take a day and no side effects!! I have way more energy and am sleeping like baby at night!! No more anxiety attacks in 3 month!! While it can't make me 100% again, it has definitely improved me tremendously!! I will post again in a couple months to see if there is anymore improvement now that I am feeling so good!!
Thank you Koi!! You're a lifesaver!!!

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Annah Stevens PTSD, anxiety, athritis 250mg - White Koi November 30, 2017

I was diagnosed with PTSD at the age of 17. I had been on many medications for other diagnoses, but they all made me sick. After coming across CBD, I was hopeful. Other brands weren't giving me the results I wanted, but after finding Koi, I have been able to hold my first job, get off all my anti-psychotics, and I have now moved out and started my own life, and have a better job. I'm very satisfied with this product!

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Shawna Anxiety and Depression 250mg - Blue Koi December 2, 2017

I actually went into this product with reservations. I have tried many things and methods for managing my anxiety and depression. Day 1 with Koi CBD was nothing short of magical. I took just a few drops under my tongue to try it out, and things that normally would have sent me into a panic attack were no longer a big deal. I am shocked, amazed, relieved...I am a convert.

Larry P. Ciccarello Low back pain 500mg - Red Koi, 1500mg Koi Naturals - Spearmint December 4, 2017

I started back pain when I slipped and fell in 1991 rupturing a disc. A second and third fall in 2001 and 2005, damaged more discs and more pain. A finally I bent over in 2005 to pickup something from the floor resulting another disc blowing out resulting in spinal fusion of L2,L3,L4,S1. Surgery was successful, as I could walk again after seven weeks of complete bed rest, unable to touch my feet to the floor, however pain from the moment I attempt to get out of bed until I manage to fall asleep is constant. Three epidurals, two spinal blocks, all no significant pain relief. Oxycontin, until the pain specialist claims the DEA wont let him prescribe it, Morphine, and Percocet, (a lovely combination with horrible side effects and I'm still in pain). After some research on the Internet I read about CBD. The first three attempts to find a source resulted in the knowledge there a lot of scam artists out there that will bill you monthly $59- $79 and send you nothing or what smells like the castor oil mom used to give me as a kid. My daughter referred me to KOI, and after trying the red-100mg. (after all it might also be a rip-off). Wow, some relief, I ordered the Red Koi-500mg, the following month, and this month just tried the Natural Spearmint-1500mg, resulting in shooting a 93 on the golf course, almost totally pain free.

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Hayley Anxiety, Medication Withdrawal 500mg - Blue Koi December 5, 2017

After many positive recommendations I decided to purchase CBD for my severe to extreme anxiety. THC used to work for my anxiety in the past however lately it was exacerbating the panic to an awful degree. I had been relying on Ativan(lorazepam) daily to manage it however I was not comfortable being so dependent on a benzo for my sanity due to the highly addictive nature. I purchased the 500mg Blue koi to use in my vape (the flavor is wonderful btw) and while the effects are subtle, the results are astounding. Usually after 24 hours, sometimes sooner, of not taking Ativan I would begin shaking and having bouts of extreme panic and disorientation. Using one dropper full sublingually and mixing a 2:1 ratio in my vape tank has almost completely eliminated all withdrawal side effects. I feel level headed and calm without any drowsiness. It is wonderful! I only wish it was slightly more affordable as a 30ml doesn't last very long for me. I will be purchasing another as soon as I can!

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Tay Arthritis 200mg - Koi hand & body lotion December 6, 2017

As a former College Soccer All American Goalkeeper/MMA Fighter, Always beating my hands up, And arthritis runs in the family.... This stuff has helped A LOT with pain in my hands. Went from hands hurting all the time to some relief that I can open and close my hands without all the pain.

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Joseph Webster Joint, lower back, and neck pain. 1000mg - Gold Koi December 7, 2017

Girlfriend has multiple injuries from neck, lower back, knees, arms and the product has given her relief.

Emily Rosario Breast Cancer Related All of them December 7, 2017

I started using Koi in October of 2016. I heard from a friend of the natural healing properties of CBD. So I gave it a try with my vape. In September of that year I was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer and I also had a cat scan showing a "lump" in my right lung. I had quit smoking and turned to vaping but I was only vaping Koi. 6 months later I had another cat scan revealing shrinkage of the "lump" in my lung. My Doctor told me to continue whatever it is I'm doing. He didn't want to know. 6 months after that in September of this year, the "lump" is completely gone. My Breast Cancer is also non existent. I love love love Koi!!! Keep in mind that I have also changed my diet and I have incorporated exercise as well. Thank you for saving me.

default image

Andrew Turner Stress and aches and pains 500mg - Jade Koi December 8, 2017

Started using koi as a way to help with knee and back pain and found out it helps with anxiety and stress as well use it at work (construction work) in a vape mod now when I get home I can get out of the truck and walk into the house without limping and walking like I just got hit by a car and supervising the day to day operation of 4- 6 different job sites reduces a lot of the stress that goes with the job. Great product highly recommended. Keeps me away from smoking tobacco products as well

default image

Tammy Fibromyalgia, Bad Back Bulging Discs Blue, Red, and Jade Koi December 9, 2017

This is a miracle in a bottle for me it relaxes me and it helps my fibromyalgia it also helps with my back pain I do find that I'm not reaching for my pain medications as much as I used to and I've only been using for 3 weeks,i sleep better which is awesome i can't thank my friend enough who told me about this,and I'm telling all my friends about it and the one's that are like me who suffer from chronic pain I'm letting them try it they're loving it!  Best product ever, I'm a customer for life.  It has helped make my life more livable, I wish I would have ordered it sooner but I have it now!!! thank you Koi

default image

Joe Anxiety, back pain 1000mg - White Koi December 9, 2017

I have used other CBD vape oils for the past 3 months . I decided to try the Koi flavorless and I have to say for the price of a 1000mg 30ml bottle it’s worth every nickel. I will continue to stick with Koi for my vaping needs. Also I ordered on a Tuesday and received it a couple days later. Fast free shipping.. Thank you Koi

default image

Melissa P Anxiety, chronic pain, depression 100mg - Red Koi December 11, 2017

I work retail. I suffer from generalized anxiety, chronic pain in my feet and knees and I also have depression. Since starting Koi I had noticed my feet and knees don’t ache at the end of my shift and my anxiety level at work is down. I’ve had more motivation as well since my depression level has been down.

default image

Bruce Chronic Sciatica, inflamation. help to relax and sleep. My pets also use it for hip and knee issues 1000mg Koi Variety Pack & 1500mg Koi Naturals December 12, 2017

After years of sports, freight handling and truck driving, L1,L2,L3,L4,L5 all have issues. Currently i am trying to avoid surgery and researched CBD, I have seen it in the CBD/THC form and know people that use it, and it works, But i do not smoke or eat edibles as my commercial license is current and testing is an issue. I have used it on my pets for hips and knees and it works wonders for them and helps them sleep with no pain. I used the 250 mg vape to also quit smoking and have not had nicotine since using CBD. As the stronger formula became available it has been good for relaxing and sleeping. I do not feel high just relaxed, and in a good mood. Constant pain is a tough thing to handle all the time, but CBD makes it better. This is my first try with the Koi brand and after days of research I went all in and purchased the 5 pack and the tincture spray, the cost is up there but still cheaper than other brands with a lower MG, my pups also take the unflavored in their food with ease. I am at about 2 weeks and doing well, so more time will tell! Thanks to the folks at Koi brand for keeping the cost reasonable and for what you do to help us all.

default image

Sarah S Anxiety, Depression, and Rheumatoid Arthritis 250mg - Gold Koi December 14, 2017

I don't even know where to begin to explain what a wonderful product this is. I have done a lot of research and Koi is considered to be the top rated CBD Oil on the market. I have used other CBD oils with little to no results. It took a very short period of time for me to see the results from using the 250mg Gold Koi liquid. I like the ability to use it either as a vape oil or sublingual. Thank you for making a product that I can trust and with such fantastic results in such a small period of time. I have seen a dramatic decrease in my arthritic pain as well as my anxiety and depression. It also helps that the Gold is delicious!

default image

Marisol Pena Anxiety chronic back pain depression insomnia 500mg - White Koi December 14, 2017

This product has changed my life I feel like it's actually working better than any other product that I've tried and I highly appreciate that you have made this product so good and that it actually helps thank you

default image

Diane Brown Multiple sclerosis 500mg - Gold Koi December 19, 2017

I love this product. The smell was intoxicating when I opened the package (the bottle got cracked in the chaos of holiday shipping). Using this for the 1st time amazing. I haven't felt this much pain relief in years. Can't wait to try the 500mg Blue next. Thanks for a great product!

default image

Pain due to stage 3 pancreatic cancer. Red Koi December 22, 2017

I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer July 25th and have had pain in my stomach and abdominal areas. I just started using CBD oils in November and it has helped to relieve the pain which is also giving me more energy and allows me to relax, rest and sleep better.

default image

Haley Shultz Rec 250mg - Pink Koi December 22, 2017

Amazing! I’ve never been so pleased when ordering something online! The quality of the product exceeded the price. The delivery process was spot on, I could track my product as it was delivering and it came the day it was supposed to, plus shipping is free. The pink koi smells amazing I’m so happy.

default image

William Bell Knee pain, restless leg syndrome anxiety 500mg. Pink and red koi. I vape mine December 22, 2017

I'm putting off knee surgery. CBD oil has made it possible to live pain free. I drive for a living and I can't take opiods. Not to mention the horrible side effects of them. CBD works first time Everytime. Koi CBD is smooth and great tasting. I recommend any and all products they carry! I'm in love with kois tasty products.

default image

Jamie Stress, anxiety & pain relief Gold Koi 1000 mg December 22, 2017

This product has really good pain relieving properties and reduces strees and anxiety. It helps my general mood for sure. I also enjoy the flavor and clean taste.

default image

Asia Anxiety. Pain. Sleeping. Ptsd 250 Golden Koi December 22, 2017

My partner was having breakdowns and not able to function until Koi changed our lives! It’s been so much better!

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catherine anxiety and cronic pain blue rasberry dragon fruit 500 mgs December 22, 2017

I started using cbd oils to test and see if it would work because medicine wasn't working very well for me and I usually had terrible reactions in the worst way. Well after a month of using it i have noticed a difference however I think I may need a bigger dose because it doesn't fully work for my pain like I was hoping. I am very satisfied with how well it has helped with my anxiety. I no longer have frequent anxiety attacks which is nice! Thank you guys so much your product has been a great help to me.

Receiving feedback and positive reviews from our customers throughout the year helps keep the entire Koi team motivated.  We want to start off 2018 by hearing  from more customers, so if you have a story or experience with Koi CBD that you’d like to share we’d love to read it.  Here’s a link to Tell Your Koi Story.



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