January 5, 2022

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CBD Self-care for Mom

Moms always know what’s best for the people in their family, so don’t forget to get your mom what’s best for creating balance daily.

When you think of Mother’s Day you think of flowers, jewelry, and a heartfelt card. What you might not think of is how CBD can be the new type of bouquet you get your mom. Don’t worry, it’ll still come with loving hugs and a million-dollar smile.

If you or your mom are new to the world of CBD the first thing you need to know is CBD is not psychoactive, but offers a wide range of benefits to support overall wellness.

Act fast, we currently have 20% off all products and 40% off skincare products! Give your mom the total self-care package this year by giving her some phenomenal Koi CBD products.

CBD Skincare For Mom

Some people haven’t realized the various ways you can incorporate CBD into your everyday life, from CBD tinctures to face creams the possibilities are endless. Applying CBD to your skin can be incredibly beneficial due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support.

Your mom will love how diverse CBD can be when it comes to her skincare routine. Koi CBD offers the perfect bundle to get your mom started and has everything she needs. Our CBD Skincare Complete 4-Step System includes a gentle foam cleanser, tightening toner, facial serum, and moisturizer cream.

The gentle foam cleanser helps wash the impurities away for a cleaner and brighter face. The tightening toner works to soften the skin and repairs damaged cells while supporting improved elasticity. The facial serum will refine her complexion and finish it all off with the creamiest moisturizer to promote a youthful glow.

Give your mom the gift of Koi CBD skincare. Both her skin and she will be grateful for the keys to the CBD kingdom. For a limited time, our CBD Skincare products are 40% off!

CBD Topicals for Mom

CBD Topicals are incredibly beneficial when it comes to providing support to any kind of ache or pain. Not only can they be directly applied to the sore area, but they can leave the skin hydrated and soft once it’s absorbed.

Our popular CBD Balm is perfect as it melts directly on contact and brings immense relief with two different CBD strengths and sizes to choose from.

We also offer a pain-relieving CBD roll-on option containing menthol meant to target areas in pain and bring instant relief and contains the highest quality CBD.

Treating your mom to a CBD self-care package can be a great introduction to the CBD world!

CBD Tinctures for Mom

A simple and classic way for CBD consumption. Our Koi Naturals Hemp Extract CBD Tinctures blend natural flavored oils and ingredients with our Koi PRIZM™ broad spectrum hemp extract. Available in a wide variety of flavors and strengths in a 30 mL dropper bottle, we definitely have the CBD oil for every mom!

These oils can be taken directly by placing a drop under the tongue, or can be added to any tea or coffee. Not sure which flavor to choose from? We have a CBD Oil Tincture Variety Pack that comes with 1 mL of each of our five flavors of tinctures. Each sachet contains a single serving of tincture with 16.6 mg of CBD.

Choose one or choose all tinctures for your mom!

Safety and Consistency

Established in 2015, Koi CBD has set out to create the standard of CBD quality. We put our consumers first and blend only the highest quality and purest ingredients into our products. Made from USA grown hemp, our CBD products are tested by independent labs to ensure quality and compliance before ever reaching your doorstep.

You, or your mom, can view any of our CBD lab results from every product right on our website.

Give Mom the Gift of Balance

Moms always know what’s best for the people in their family, so don’t forget to get your mom what’s best for creating balance daily.

Mother’s Day is the perfect day to remind her how grateful you are for her and everything she does - even though she deserves to hear it every day. Act fast, 20% off all products and 40% off for skincare products is currently happening, so make this Mother’s Day one she won’t forget!

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