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Koi’s cannabinoid products are legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. Signed into law in December 2018, the federal legislation legalizes hemp, which the law defines as any part of the plant, including all derivatives, with no more than a 0.3 percent concentration of THC. This includes hemp-derived cannabinoids like CBD, delta-8 THC, and many more.

While these hemp products are legal federally, guidelines can and do vary by state due to differing controlled substances laws. Some states have banned some hemp cannabinoids.
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Is traditional bud more your style? Delta 8 Flower is perfect for those who gravitate toward classic forms of the plant. Smoke, vape, or mix it into your favorite baked goods. Koi Delta 8 flower brings all the restorative benefits you know and love from oils, gummies, and juices – just in herbal form.

It’s one of the reasons why the last few years have been an exciting time for anyone who appreciates the benefits of hemp. A slew of hemp products and compounds are legally available thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill that cleared up some confusion surrounding hemp products.

Delta 8 THC is one of the many active hemp compounds in the hemp plant that you can now enjoy.

It comes in many forms, but for many, the good old-fashioned flower is the way to go. The flower provides a traditional, proven, and enjoyable way of consuming the plant and experiencing its effects quickly and efficiently. If this is the first time hearing about Delta 8 flower, here’s everything you need to know to enjoy it like a pro.

What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC, sometimes referred to as simply D8, is the active ingredient in Delta 8 flower. It is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in the hemp flower known for its subtle uplifting, relaxing, and calming benefits. It has similar effects to its more powerful cousin Delta 9 but at a milder intensity.

Because of Delta 8 THC’s milder potency, it provides a calmer experience that some consumers prefer. Delta 8 THC is also a go-to if you are inexperienced yet looking to get started with elevating cannabinoids.

While Delta 8 naturally occurs in the hemp plant, it is in trace amounts. Thankfully, manufacturers can create Delta 8 THC from naturally occurring hemp CBD using an isomerization process.

Isomerization is re-arranging CBD components to convert them into Delta 8. It is then refined into Delta 8 THC distillate to make different Delta 8 THC products, including Delta 8 flower.

Delta 9 Vs. Delta 8                                                                                      

Delta 8, Delta 9, what’s the difference? If you’re finding the cannabinoids out there slightly confusing, you’re not alone. The differences in delta THC cannabinoids are in their structure and effects.

If you’ve tried Delta 9 THC, or what is conventionally known as THC, you will find Delta 8 is right up your alley. But the two do have some differences.

The first difference between Delta 8 and Delta 9 is their chemical structure, affecting their effects’ intensity. Delta 9 THC is known for its more powerful relaxing benefits that calm the body and mind. On the other hand, Delta 8 is a more manageable THC that can deliver unwinding effects that are good for any leisurely event or preparation for bedtime.

Another difference between the two cannabinoids is their variety of products. Hemp-derived delta-9 is only found in the form of Delta 9 gummies, while you can find Delta 8 in many forms, from Delta 8 gummies to Delta 8 vape carts and, of course, Delta 8 flower.

Both are legal to buy and use under federal law since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, provided they come from hemp and don’t exceed 0.3% Delta 9 THC by dry weight.

Delta 8 Vs. CBD

Delta 8 is commonly confused with CBD, the most widely used hemp cannabinoid. CBD has become a staple for many people’s wellness regimens over the past decade.

While they both come from the hemp plant, delta 8 and CBD have many differences. Most notable are the types of effects each has.

CBD is best known for its natural balancing benefits that support everyday health and wellness but have no uplifting effects. This lack of psychoactive effect is one of the biggest reasons CBD has massive popularity.

Delta 8 has natural wellness benefits but is well-known for its noticeably elevating effects. As a type of THC, Delta 8’s primary value is its noticeably mood-boosting and mind-relaxing benefits.

What is Delta 8 Flower?

Delta 8 flower is hemp flower, aka hemp bud, enhanced with delta-8 distillate. The flowering top of the hemp plant is where you'll find hemp flower, which contains the full spectrum of the plant's beneficial compounds, including a high amount of CBD and many other cannabinoids.

Delta 8 flower is CBD flower enhanced with Delta 8 distillate, allowing you to experience the powerful wellness benefits of full-spectrum CBD and the enjoyably elevating effects of Delta 8.

Benefits of Delta 8 Flower

You can choose from several products when considering adding Delta 8 THC to your relaxation routine. Each has its advantages and delivers a specific type of experience. With Delta 8 flowers, you gain multiple benefits, including:

Faster onset of effects

Smoking and vaping are the fastest ways of experiencing Delta 8 effects compared to other methods. Unlike edibles, where you must wait for several minutes or up to two hours, smoking or vaping Delta 8 flower delivers Delta 8 directly to the bloodstream for rapid effects.

Multiple cannabinoids                                        

Delta 8 flowers combine full spectrum CBD flowers with Delta 8 distillate. The CBD flowers retain all the plant’s valuable cannabinoids and other compounds for a richer experience with more benefits. You benefit from not just Delta 8 but also the other numerous cannabinoids.

Various flower strains

Delta 8 flower comes in multiple strains. In addition, each option has different terpene and cannabinoid profiles, allowing you to customize your experience with each session by selecting the flower best suited for the time of day or the effects you're seeking.

Easy to adjust

Because Delta 8 flowers deliver effects almost instantly, it’s easy to adjust your intake depending on how you feel the impact. You can quickly determine if you should take more of the flower depending on how your body responds to the amount you’ve consumed already. With other methods like edibles, you must wait patiently for results, and it’s harder to determine the right serving size for you.

Higher bioavailability

Most Delta 8 flowers taken orally have to go through the digestive process that breaks some of the Delta 8 before reaching the bloodstream. Smoking and vaping Delta 8 flower allow the compound to bypass most biological processes, so it instead arrives directly in the bloodstream. Since no Delta 8 breaks down along the way, Delta 8 flower has better bioavailability. As a result, more Delta 8 reaches your body’s systems, saving you flower while ensuring you get the same potent effects.

Perfect for new consumers

If you're starting your cannabinoid experience and want something that will ease you into elevating compounds, Delta 8 flower is perfect, especially if you prefer inhalation methods. In addition, Delta 8 THC has subtler effects compared to Delta 9, which allows you to more easily determine whether you should upgrade to a more potent compound or continue enjoying Delta 8 flower.


The diversity of Delta 8 is not limited to the variety of flower types you can select but also to the available methods of consuming the flower. Depending on your preference, there are multiple ways to enjoy Delta 8 bud, including smoking, vaping, and mixing it into your favorite baked goods recipe.

How to Consume Delta 8 Flower

Once you choose Delta 8 flower as your preferred Delta 8 THC product, you will need tools to enhance your experience and ensure you get the most out of your flower.

Herb grinder

A herb grinder is an essential tool if you have Delta 8 flowers. The device shreds the flower into even pieces for a consistent burn. Herb grinders are designed to preserve as much of your flower as possible and save you from sticky hands when you break down the bud with your hands.

Some more advanced herb grinders also come with a storage compartment. So you can grind your flower in your free time and save it in the storage compartment to enjoy when you’re on the road.


A water pipe or a bong is one of the oldest ways to consume the Delta 8 flower. If you haven’t mastered the rolling technique yet, using a bong can save you a lot of trouble while ensuring you get a fantastic Delta 8 flower experience.

Another benefit of bongs or waterpipes is that they cool the smoke by passing it through the water. For inexperienced consumers that find the smoke harsh on their throat, waterpipes cool it before it reaches your throat. To enhance your experience, add accessories to the water pipe like ash catchers, percolators, and ice catchers that allow you to take longer, cooler, smoother rips of your Delta 8 flower.

Rolling papers

The downside with waterpipes is they are too big and delicate to take on the road, mainly because most of them are glass which doesn’t work on the road very well. The alternative is another method that has been around for ages – rolling papers.

Rolling papers are the most classic and iconic technique of smoking Delta 8 THC. While joint rolling has come a long way, it remains a technique you must try several times before mastering. Most novice hemp flower fans prefer bongs and vaporizers because it saves them from the frustration of learning the rolling method.

Nonetheless, for those that have mastered it, it’s a simple and effective way to get Delta 8 THC into your system no matter where you are.


If you enjoy smoking Delta 8 flower but struggle with making the perfect roll, there are other options. Pre-rolled Delta 8 hemp flower takes care of all the preparation, so all you need is a light, and you’re good to go. Delta 8 pre-rolls are an excellent option for Delta 8 flower fans who are always on the road and want something quick and easy to use anywhere.

Dry herb vaporizers

You’ve probably heard of the vaping craze and seen videos online of vapers blowing out intense vapor clouds. It’s a relatively new practice, but like Delta 8 THC, it has caught on very fast and is a perfect alternative for hemp fans that still want to enjoy their Delta 8 flower without smoking.

Many people prefer vaping because, unlike smoking, there's no combustion which makes this a safer alternative. The vaporizer will heat the flower just below its combustion point to vaporize the active compounds. Vaping creates a smooth and rich taste that enhances your overall experience.

On the downside, vaporizers are more costly than other methods of consuming Delta 8 flowers. But the experience they provide is well worth the extra bucks you pay.

One of the outstanding benefits of dry herb vaporizers is that your Delta 8 flower does not combust nor produce as much of that iconic scent, making it easier to enjoy it just about anywhere without attracting those curious looks.


It’s also possible to cook with Delta 8 flower. Adding hemp flower to almost any recipe is easy. You’ll want to begin by decarboxylating the flower, which heats the flower and activates the cannabinoids, and makes it easy for your body to ingest them. Next, combine it with cooking oil or butter and add it to whatever delicious dish you're trying to create.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of methods you can use to enjoy your Delta 8 flower. You can vape, smoke, rip, and eat. Each technique offers unique benefits and different experiences.

How Does Delta 8 Flower Make You Feel?

Despite its popularity, Delta 8 THC is still new in the market. So naturally, you must wonder what taking Delta 8 flower feels like.

Those who have tried out the Delta 8 flower report an elevating, body and mind-relaxing experience that makes you feel lightweight. Also worth noting is that those who have also tried Delta 9 products say the euphoric benefits of the Delta 8 flower are less intense.

However, the potency of the effects depends on how much Delta 8 flower you take. Delta 8 flower can calm you and elevate your mood in small amounts. Enthusiasts who take Delta 8 flowers in small quantities also report a healthier response to stressful situations and a more tranquil feeling.

In higher servings, Delta 8 flower can trigger more powerfully relaxing effects. In addition, many say Delta 8 delivers sedation and drowsiness, which suggests that Delta 8 can be helpful if you’re looking to improve sleep.

Delta 8 flower can help unwind in the evening and on weekends. Some people have also reported healthier appetite habits after using Delta 8 flower. Other highlights of how you can expect to feel taking Delta 8 flower include:

  • Easier management of everyday uneasiness
  • Time may ‘slow down’ a bit
  • A sense of peace, tranquillity, and clearheadedness
  • You may feel relaxed and tension free

While its effects are temporary, Delta 8 stays in your system for much longer. So if your job or sports organization has rules against THC, you’ll want to read our blog post on Delta 8 and drug tests.

Are There Any Delta 8 Flower Side Effects?

More research into Delta 8 flower is needed. However, anecdotal reports show that most people tolerate Delta 8 THC well, and it is generally safe for adults. However, people can react differently to Delta 8 flowers, especially those using them for the first time, and if they take too much at once. Commonly reported effects in such cases, which are mild and temporary, include:

  • A feeling of fatigue
  • Red eyes
  • Food cravings
  • Sedation
  • Dry mouth
  • Trouble focusing
  • Nausea

These side effects are temporary but can also be avoided by carefully observing how much Delta 8 flower you take, especially for inexperienced Delta 8 THC fans.

Give your body enough time to adjust before increasing your intake. You should also ensure you only purchase quality Delta 8 flowers. Delta 8 is safe when made responsibly and tested for potency and purity. However, some manufacturers opt for substandard ingredients that can cause undesirable side effects and affect your health.

What to Consider When Buying Delta 8 Flower

After choosing Delta 8 Flowers as your preferred product, the next step is to find a reliable manufacturer and quality Delta 8 flowers. Contrary to popular belief, not all products are built equal, and you must take time to find the best ones that are worth your money and deliver the expected results. Here are several tips you can use to find the best quality Delta 8 flower online:


The best place to start is by finding a reliable brand. There’s no shortage of brands with Delta 8 flowers online but finding the right one takes a little diligence.

The best measure of brand quality is its customers' reviews on its website and third-party review websites. The more reviews, the better the insight you have not only on the brand but also its products.

We recommend going for a brand with a verifiable track record and numerous Delta 8 reviews to back it up. There’s no doubt some excellent brands are coming up, but without reviews, you're simply taking a leap of faith in their products.

Third-party lab testing

All Delta 8 products should undergo lab testing, including Delta 8 flower. It’s the only way to verify that the product you’re purchasing is free of toxins and contains a reliable concentration of Delta-8. Every reputable hemp brand takes third-party testing seriously and provides its customers with easily accessible Certificates of Analysis (CoA). The CoA contains vital information about the Delta 8 flower you’ve decided to purchase. The most notable information is the product’s purity, potency, and safety.

You should also check if the products have undergone tests for contaminants, most notably heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides.

Farming practices

The farming practices and conditions used to grow the hemp that makes the flower significantly impact the final product. Therefore, hemp manufacturers should ensure responsible growing practices are in place to produce the best quality hemp for their Delta 8 flower, which will translate to the quality of the final product. It’s also vital to ensure that hemp is organically grown and not exposed to pesticides or herbicides, which could adversely affect the end consumers.

Moisture content

Applying Delta 8 distillate to the CBD flower is an art that requires precarious balance. Too much, and the flower becomes unsmokable. If it is too little, the end product doesn't deliver the right results. However, experienced manufacturers execute the perfect balance between moisture and Delta 8 distillate to ensure consumers enjoy the best of both worlds.

Physical appearance

Physical appearance also tells you much about the Delta 8 flower you purchase. The ideal product should have deep shades of green with some clusters of frosty-looking trichomes.

By thoroughly scrutinizing your Delta 8 flower before buying using these tips, you can filter out most of the substandard products in the market and give yourself a better chance of getting good quality Delta 8 flowers.

Why You Should Buy Koi CBD Delta 8 Flower

Alternatively, you can save yourself the second-guessing and trial and error and go for the best Koi Delta 8 flower range. Koi CBD has been a well-known and reputable brand in the cannabinoid and hemp markets for quite some time, with numerous award-winning products and an extensive customer base. In addition, we use high-end equipment and human resources to guarantee the best hemp products. Here are a few reasons why you should consider our Delta 8 flower range:

USA-grown hemp

The quality of our Delta 8 flower begins with sourcing the best quality hemp. Our partners have rigorous growing and testing processes to ensure they pick the best organic, USA-grown hemp that meets the highest agricultural standards and consistency. The hemp we use is grown in highly controlled environments and nutrient-rich soils that infuse the plants with natural compounds.

By carefully scrutinizing the hemp plants we use, we get a headstart on the quality of the Delta 8 flower we deliver.

Third-party testing

As a leading hemp brand, we take the quality and safety of our products seriously. Therefore, we utilize ISO-certified third-party labs to test all our Delta 8 flowers before making them available for sale. The labs conduct a series of tests to verify the products' quality, potency, safety, and composition. The tests also check for product contaminants to ensure we deliver our customers the best quality and safest Delta 8 flower.

Production and packaging

We use superior processing and production techniques and practices to safeguard the purity of our Delta 8 distillate and minimize cross-contamination through human error. In addition, we use industry-leading GMP practices to deliver a consistent experience to our customers regarding flavor and effectiveness.

We also develop packaging designed to keep your Delta 8 flower fresh for longer until we deliver it to your doorstep. High-quality packaging ensures the aroma of the flower is still fresh when it gets to you, and the effects are potent.

Batch level transparency

We are transparent about our processes and ingredients to make our high-quality products. We provide customers with easily accessible CoAs that break down the composition of every product and detailed ingredient lists to ensure you know what you are consuming. With our batch-level transparency, you can also track down the products you purchase back to their production batch and obtain the relevant CoA.

Koi Delta 8 flower is grown and harvested in the USA, third-party tested, and a tried-and-true vehicle for Creating Balance Daily.