Is My CBD Legal?

Is My CBD Legal? An Informative Article Discussing CBD Legality

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Is My CBD Legal?

By now, everyone is starting to notice CBD – not only because its been so closely associated with THC, but because of the benefits people have claimed to receive from it. Because of this, not only is CBD attracting the attention of consumers from around the world, it is also attracting the attention of the DEA. Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: There is a lot of talk out there about CBD being illegal, unsafe, and so forth. While this is partially true under circumstances when CBD oil is not manufactured properly or contains traces of THC, thus indeed making that CBD Oil illegal; it is not the case when CBD oils are manufactured in certified lab environments, and are tested to contain 0% THC (such as the CBD oil products we sell here at Koi).

With that being said, CBD is legal in all 50 States, but how are consumers to know how to make sure they are using legal, high-quality CBD oil? Simple, you shop at Koi CBD! We’re kidding (partially)… All joking aside, we understand that there are a wide range of CBD products out there, and we wrote this article to help you make sure you make sure you’re using CBD products that are 100% legal and high quality. Let’s get to it then!

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How to Make Sure You’re Using Legal, High-Quality CBD

So you’re not a chemist or mixologist with a full-scale laboratory to test a product before you use it right? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be! So how do you make sure you’re using legal, high-quality CBD then? Simple, you look at the resources! Follow this simple checklist to make sure you’re using legal CBD products:

  • Look at the Company’s Lab Results

First, and most importantly, you must ensure that the company you are considering buying a CBD product from has lab results from a certified lab for each of their products in question. The results must show (lab location, lab certificate number, etc.)? If the company does not have lab results for their products readily available on their website, then this is a huge red flag. If you’re still interested in their product, email their support team and request copies of their lab results. If they do not respond, this is another red flag, and we high recommend that you do not engage in business with this company.

  • Look for a THC-FREE Seal or Guarantee

The next item to check off is if the company displays a clear statement that their product(s) is free of any THC. Typically this statement would be shown on their product and/or website in the form of a seal or banner. Now, If the company does not visibly state that their CBD product is not THC-free, this doesn’t necessarily mean that product contains THC, but if their product was THC-free why wouldn’t they proudly be displaying it all over the place? Again, you can always reach out to the company and simply ask them if their product is THC-free. If they don’t respond, again, this is a huge red flag.

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  • Look at the Company’s Track Record 

Lastly, you want to look at a company’s track record. This is an important process to do to not only determine if the CBD oil you are considering is legal and high-quality, but also if the company that’s selling it is a good business who values you as a customer. Important questions that you want to ask when examining a company’s track record include:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • What are customers saying about their experience with using their products, or are does the company have any testimonials at all?
  • Does the company have negative feed back on their marketplaces or social profiles?
  • Does the company talk about their passion for being in the industry and that they believe in offering quality product?

These are important questions that will help validate the company’s credibility, and whether or not the product you are considering purchasing is legal and high quality. Because the industry is so new, and there is a lot of political activity happening around CBD, you want to make sure that you are as careful as possible when buying CBD so that you are able to spend your hard earned money on the best quality product. More importantly, you want to make sure that you are engaging in legal activity.

Once you do find a company that provides a product that passes all these tests, we recommend that you stick with them; and if you’re exploring new products, always make sure to go through our simple checklist to make sure you’re getting the best product for your money.

We truly hope that this article helped relieve some unsettled thoughts in the back of your minds. When manufactured and properly tested, CBD is legal in all 50 states, making it available to everyone and anyone. At Koi CBD, we are very passionate about providing high-quality CBD to our customers because many of us have experienced the benefits of the amazing substance ourselves, and want to help the rest of the world experience the wonders of CBD.

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