April 6, 2022

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Koi “Keep A Breast” Awareness

At Koi CBD, our mission to “create balance daily” extends beyond the benefits of hemp and CBD. We believe that balance requires a whole-body, holistic approach.

At Koi CBD, our mission to “create balance daily” extends beyond the benefits of hemp and CBD derived from hemp. We believe that balance requires a whole-body, holistic approach. In honor of Breast Cancer Prevention Month, which extends through the end of October, we would like to address a topic that is too-often hidden behind dark shadows: breast health.

For both men and women, breast health is important to overall well-being. Breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer in American women next to skin cancer, and the second leading cause of cancer death in women, also next to skin cancer.

While we normally associate breast health with women, the fact is that breasts are compositionally similar in both men and women and about 1% of all breast cancer cases occur in men. So, let’s put on some broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF above 50 and discuss breasts.

The Breast

We know where they are. We know they have a function. Do you know what they’re made of?

Glands, fatty tissue, and fibrous tissue are the major components of the breast. Ducts connect the glands to the nipple and are the channels through which milk and other secretions flow. Breast tissue is fed nutrients and oxygen through blood vessels and capillaries which are also pathways for removing waste materials from the breast.

With so many different parts, it's not a surprise that the breast is a body part that can develop issues. breast health for women and men

Breast health isn’t only important in the context of cancer

Lumps, bumps, redness, swelling- there are a variety of rather benign conditions that can affect the breast that do not involve cancer. A bump in the breast might be a cyst which is a fluid-filled sac under the skin.

Redness or swelling? These could result from mastitis, which is an infection in the breast tissue. Breast pain can be associated with these conditions as well.

Just do it: self-check and your doctor

You know you should do it. Those breast self-checks may feel awkward to perform, but they are critical to maintaining breast health.

A number of resources are available to guide you through the process, but our friends at Keep A Breast have made it even easier with their new app! Check it out here to see how easy it is to perform a self-check.

Also, make sure to follow up with your doctor for doctor-performed exams as well. This is the best way to make sure that you catch any oddities early and is the best way to give yourself the best chance if you are ever diagnosed with breast cancer. App for breast exam

Maintain your well-being

Health and wellness is one of our top priorities at Koi, and it should be yours too. Our products are crafted with the highest quality ingredients to ensure the highest standard of healthy living.

From our CBD tinctures to our delicious CBD Gummies, our products are designed with your well-being in mind. Take control of your health and check out any of our quality CBD products today and experience the Koi difference!
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