CBD Oil For Epilepsy & Seizures | Real Stories About Restoring Balance



In many ways, CBD first entered public consciousness via stories about its efficacy in treating chronic seizures and epilepsy. Clinical trials have since reinforced what proponents of CBD had already found—that it can be an extremely effective treatment for certain types of epilepsy.

If you live with the constant fear of recurring seizures, you know what lessening the occurrence of them could mean for your quality of life. In CBD, many have found an all-natural remedy that significantly lessens, and in some cases, eliminates the incidence of seizures, all without the unintended negative side effects of prescription medications.

Want to hear more? Below are some of the stories that Koi CBD customers have shared about how our products have helped them deal with seizures and epilepsy. Their collective experiences show that it’s possible to live life without the constant fear of when your next seizure will occur.

If you experience seizures and epilepsy and have used our products, we’d love to hear your story: https://koicbd.com/tell-us-your-story/

Carolyn's CBD Success Story - August 4th 2018

I have always had heat and light sensitivity which always triggered seizures. I tried the drops cautiously and there was a slight buzz feeling at first but that soon passed. I have been more focused and less sensitive light as a result.

Ryan's CBD Success Story - July 13th 2018

I was born with an unknown genetic motor tic/tremor disorder. I constantly twitch in my upper body muscles and simple everyday tasks are a huge challenge. For example, eating, pouring a glass of water, interacting with people because of the anxiety I have as well are all near impossible. I went to countless doctors, all of whom could not diagnose my condition. I have been on many medications that have not helped at all and the side effects were insane. The doctors had me extremely dosed to the point of where I would literally just fall asleep doing anything. Then I heard of vaping CBD. I went to a local vape shop and picked some a bottle of Koi CBD and to my surprise it helps tremendously. While I’m still pretty shaky a lot of it is gone and I feel much better going out in public.

Suzanne's CBD Success Story - September 30th 2017

My daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy. She takes 3 drops nightly along with her prescribed meds. It controls her jerks and periods of anxiety. The KOI CBD 500mg is amazing. We are so thrilled that this has been made available legally. Please keep the products like this coming. Anyone who has seizures, its a must that you try it. It has been life changing for my daughter. Thanks A Million….

Tay's CBD Success Story - March 22nd 2017

Growing up when your dad is a police chief you ALWAYS say no to drugs. So i was against every drug growing up. At 25 I was a bouncer at a bar and pulled a guy to the ground during a huge fight and got kicked in the head/face several times. I went to the hospital for stitches and after 2 CT scans and an MRI they told me I had a tumor on my right frontal lobe the size of a golf ball. I went into surgery a few days later and thought it was successful. BUT something went wrong the day they were sending me home, I had 2 seizures and was kept a few extra days for observation. About a month later I was back in getting cut open in the same spot for another surgery where fluid had built up around the tumor. The doctors were worried it was an infection because the right side of my face was swelling up. After many seizures, some friends reached out and said €œI know you a€™re against it, but you should look into CBD. I did some reading and everything sounded good but I still never got any.

Time went on and the seizures got worse and I was willing to do ANYTHING to have my life back. So I ordered some and tried it and instantly felt some relief. My anxiety is little to none and I have been seizure free for about 6 months now. I still take seizure meds but anyone that knows seizure meds knows that the side effects are terrible!!! I have tried several different oils but Koi has worked the best for me. I bought the 500mg thinking the higher the mg the better, but for my body it was too much so Koi customer service recommended I try a lower mg and boom they were right. Something I was against my whole life saved me. Thank you Koi CBD!!!!!!!!

Alyssa's CBD Success Story - February 5th 2018

Before we got this product I was suffering from seizures nightly as well as in extreme pain due to nerve damage. After the second day of using Koi it was the first time I could move without being in pain in months. It’s so great to feel better.

Carisa's CBD Success Story - Nov 30th 2017

I had 2 strokes 2 1/2 years ago and was permanently disabled due to seizures, partial paralysis, spasms, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and have to now depend on a cane to walk. This is my 4th bottle of Koi CBD oil. I and everyone around me are amazed at the improvement in my walk, I am off of 3 of my 9 meds. The ones that cause the most side effects, my seizure meds (2X a day), my muscle relaxers(3X a day), and my pain meds (2X a day)!! That is 7 less pills I take a day and no side effects!!

I have way more energy and am sleeping like baby at night!! No more anxiety attacks in 3 month!! While it can’t make me 100% again, it has definitely improved me tremendously!! I will post again in a couple months to see if there is anymore improvement now that I am feeling so good!! Thank you Koi!! You’re a lifesaver!!!


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