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Migraines and constant daily headaches can limit our ability to get out and enjoy life. Despite their common occurrence, doctors are often unable to find a cause or prescribe medicine to treat them.

For many people, daily use of CBD can lessen the number of episodes and intensity of migraines, allowing them to have full, productive days without pain. Because over-the-counter medicines don’t work for many, and painkillers come with an array of negative side effects, CBD can be a powerful alternative to alleviate debilitating, frequent headaches.

Want to hear more? Below are some of the stories that Koi CBD customers have shared about how our products have helped them deal with migraines. Their collective experiences show that it’s possible to live a more fulfilling life, free of the debilitating effects of constant headaches.

If you experience migraines and have used our products, we’d love to hear your story: https://koicbd.com/tell-us-your-story

Kayla's CBD Success Story -April 9th, 2018

CBD oil is literally saving my life. I have Vestibular Migraines which only 1% of the population gets, which unfortunately can not be cured. I get cluttered headaches, and vertigo along with it. It helps so much with my nausea, headaches, dizziness, and the anxiety attacks I get here and there from my health issue. The oil is good! And it does what it needs to for me! I foresee myself being a long time customer! 🙂

John's CBD Success Story - June 28th 2017

Have suffered from migraines for the majority of my life with daily headaches and after a month of Koi, only 2 headaches! I am excited to see the long term results of CBD for other issues.

Kathy's CBD Success Story - February 25th, 2018

I am amazed! I was encouraged to try CBD by a friend, he bought the red for me..now I’m on my second bottle and I’m trying the Gold, which I ordered myself!

I have had Migraines and a headache every single day since my children were born in 1990. The only thing I had to look forward to each morning was..maybe it would be less intense or maybe I wouldn’t need the ice pack and a dark quiet room! It’s been a very long time since I’ve been able to say I woke up headache free..and I’m actually having days that are headache free.. I’m a work in progress, and at first I was afraid to say anything..but now since it’s been a while – I’m happy to report that I’m back with the living..and I couldn’t begin to thank you all enough for this wonderful product or my friend for the encouragement to try it!

Christopher's CBD Success Story - November 24th, 2017

I have been fighting with migraine and depression and anxiety for the last 20 years. My doctors and psychiatrist have had me try every prescription out there. Nothing really ever works. I heard about Koi and said what the hell let me try it. It’s only been about a week and so far so good. My fingers are crossed that Koi is the thing I have been looking for the past 20 years.

Heather's CBD Success Story - October 31st, 2017

I had been using another CBD brand and wanted a more natural, better product. I did my research and saw Koi was rated#1 and I agree! The flavor of the blue raspberry and dragon fruit actually work well together and tastes great! I am able to sleep better and haven’t had to take my prescription headache pills!! It’s not a miracle in a bottle but pretty close! If you are looking for a natural quality product.  I highly recommend Koi CBD!

Cynthia's CBD Success Story - July 13th 2018

I have been suffering from migraines for over 20 years and about 8 years ago I was diagnosed with Occipital Neuralgia, which also causes another type of migraine. I have tried every type of medication there is to prevent and treat them. I was also diagnosed with depression. At one point I was taking 18 different medications a day to treat both and was taking some heavy duty pain medication which I got addicted to. I realized I had a problem and didn’t want to live a life of addiction so I thought I would have to live with the pain. I tried Botox with no success. I was starting to give up up hope. Someone told about CBD oil. I did some research online and your company kept come up in the top recommendations so I decided to give it a try.

I can’t believe how much your oil helps me. I started out doing 1 drop every morning and now I do it when I get a headache and the headache is gone and it has done wonders for my depression. I don’t take anywhere close to the number of medications I used to and I don’t take a single pain pill. I swear by your CBD oil and I tell others about your products.

Darla's CBD Success Story - Septemner 12th 2017

I started vaping about a year and a half ago. At the time I didn’t realize what changes would occur. I started to feel better after about a month and noticed a lot of my health problems went away. One day while trying to figure out an alternative to help with my anxiety attacks and panic attacks my boyfriend told me about a product our local vape shop started selling. So I went in and got a bottle of vanilla custard Koi and tried it. I can’t even tell you how good it felt! I decided to drop the rest of my prescriptions.

I have since started using these products more and more and save more! I use them for everything from headaches, migraines, old sports injuries to my monthly. I swear by it! I have seen so many awesome things happen because of this product! It has been a long time since I have had any really bad migraines and I love that about this product!!! Just absolutely love it! I bought the dog treats for my boxer this last week and I can tell they help. My baby girl Lucy is getting up there in dog years and she has her bad days. I gave her a treat when I knew she needed it and she relaxed. My chihuahua gets nervous around a lot of people. She stood still for me to take a picture of! That never happens in any situation!!!

Charlie's CBD Success Story - July 12th 2017

Using Koi’s CBD Vape Juice 500mg, its only been two days but I have not taken any over the counter drugs like a did everyday for my headaches and anxiety. Friends and family even told me I looked happier and was being nice for once, lol. Its been really amazing for me.

Lillian's CBD Success Story - October 17th 2017

I have Chiari, which causes many symptoms but migraines, neck pain and nausea are what I use CBD for to help control it. If I feel one of these coming on I smoke Koi out of my convenient Koi Stik. Great taste, I love it makes a world of difference in my day. Thank you

Odessa's CBD Success Story - August 19th 2017

Koi CBD is life changing! I recently started taking 2 full droppers a day of the 500mg and I can already see the difference. My anxiety is non-existent now. And I have been affected by anxiety for quite some time. It has also completely curbed my depression which I had been suffering for close to 6 months. I also suffer from migraines. Since starting the oil I haven’t had a headache since. If I could rate this higher than a 5 I would. I am so thankful that I started taking this oil. I am now a life time customer! Do yourself a favor and buy this product immediately.

Jennifer's CBD Success Story - July 21th 2017

I’ve been using Koi CBD for several months and I’m super impressed! It helps my chronic hip and back so much. My daughter uses it as a tincture for anxiety and she is a different person socially! I’ve used it for bad headaches and wow, gone! I’ve tried other brands available locally but I gave them away. Nothing is as smooth and works as well as Koi! If you’re wondering if it works, it does! Benefits of medical marijuana without the side effects… amazing! I can work without pain now!

Brandon's CBD Success Story - May 4th 2017

I started using CBD in the beginning of May 2017 after learning of the benefits of CBD and how it could help with my issues. I knew I had to give it a try. I had to find something that would put an end to the 14 plus pills every night. I have been off all my pills with the exception of my heartburn pill now for 2 weeks and I’m no longer in constant pain nor have I had even a slight headache. Now I’ve found Koi CBD, the product tastes amazing and the price is good.

Marie's CBD Success Story - March 30th 2017

Thank you for making a product that has finally given me so much relief. A friend gave me a bottle of 100mg Koi and it has taken my migraine down to a level that is manageable.

Hillary's CBD Success Story - June 25th 2018

Great product! After using a different brand for a while Koi definitely has more prominent flavor. I usually only use it a few times at night and occasionally throughout the day when my anxiety is really bad or I have a migraine and it works amazing.

Chris's CBD Success Story - October 24th, 2017

I am a USAF medically disabled veteran due to chronic migraines. I’ve had the migraines since 2004 with no known cause. Years of taking pain medications which led to anxiety and depression and alcohol abuse. Due to long term health concerns I stopped all medications and drinking for the past year. Always looking for something to help with the onset of my migraines I started researching CBD. I’m a fitness enthusiast with a goal of doing competitive bodybuilding and lifting competitions. The problem with that is the years of injures has caught up to me. Many aches and pains and inflammation throughout my body causing severe joint discomfort.

Many of my friends in the fitness industry use CBD and my pain management doctor told me to try the CBD. Since I wanted something that could help for onset pain I went to vaping. Since starting I’ve noticed less and less headaches and the ones I get are minor. The aches, pains, and inflammation have decreased drastically to where I am doing more in the gym and lifting heavier. Unbelievable how well this is working. I haven’t felt this good in years which has made me a happier and better person in less pain.


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