CBD Oil For Pain | Real Stories About Restoring Balance



Chronic pain effects millions of people around the world. For those that live with constant pain, it can be debilitating—both physically and emotionally. Both notoriously hard to diagnose and treat, living each day with chronic pain can range from annoying to overwhelming.

In CBD, many have found a transformative weapon against chronic pain. Unlike many common medical treatments currently used, CBD is noninvasive, non-addictive, and has few, in any, negative side effects. You don’t have to choose between simply dealing with the pain or putting yourself at risk with potentially harmful medicines like opioids. While there is no cure for chronic pain, people around the world have found all-natural, plant-based CBD to be an effective pain reliever to treat the condition, particularly when paired with physical therapy and other forms of positive self-care. By adding CBD to your health regimen, you may be able to live in a way you no longer thought was possible.

Want to hear more? Below are some of the stories that Koi CBD customers have shared about how our products have helped them deal with chronic pain. Their collective experiences show that it’s possible to live a more fulfilling life, free of the taxing effects of chronic pain.

If you experience chronic pain and have used our products, we’d love to hear your story:

Danielle's CBD Success Story - July 30th 2018

I am a first time user of CBD I have constant pain in my feet and have depression and anxiety. My mind was constantly going it would never turn off but I took it when I received it in the mail and I feel good my mind turned off and I was able to take a nap which I have never been able to do the pain in my foot is almost gone. Even tho I am a first time user I would definitely try this again.

Chris's CBD Success Story - July 29th 2018

2017-2018 I’ve been struggling with pain and inflammation and nothing had been working. I finally tried KOI CBD at the suggestion of a friend. I started with 250mg- orange naturals it really helped. I’ve since upped to the 1000mg- lemon lime. Both are great, my pain has greatly diminished and the inflammation is getting back to normal where i can function like normal again. Thank you for a great product and for your support of veterans.

Larry's CBD Success Story - July 27th 2018

I use Koi to help with my knee and shoulder pain and my stress and anxiety. I put a dropper full under my tongue in the morning, and I mix it one part to five with my favorite Vape juice. Koi CBD has helped me tremendously!


At the end of the day I make a stronger mix with my Vape juice and Vape before bedtime, and I go right to sleep and don’t wake up as early from my many aches and pains. I highly recommend their products. Great products, great service, I am 100% satisfied!

Kendall's CBD Success Story - June 13th 2018

I have endometriosis and it causes such horrible pain and no pain medication has been able to help. I saw cbd oils in some show and looked into them. I quickly learned they also help with anxiety. As someone with anxiety and extreme social anxiety this interested me. I started searching for who had the best cbd oils and that’s where I found Koi CBD. I tried pink Koi 500mg and I saw it really helped me sleep as well as calming my anxieties and pain. It’s made a world of difference for me. I absolutely would recommend to anyone who’s even a little bit curious.

Debbie's CBD Success Story - June 13th 2018

A week into my first bottle of Koi Brand CBD oil, and the quality of my life has improved drastically.

After years of Vicoden, Norco, injections, etc. to control my back and leg pain, I was slowly becoming home bound. A friend told me about, and later gave me a sample of your product…..wow, it has been life altering. Every day I can see an improvement (even walk around sometimes without my cane!!!). I take one dose in the morning, and another at night. Not only has my pain become much more manageable (and improves daily), but I can actually SLEEP now. Just placed my second order……. Don’t want to risk a day without this wonderful product.

Marty's CBD Success Story - July 13th 2018

Brother in law said give it a try. In two minutes the pain started to ease up and continue to get better. Now it’s part of my daily ritual.

Warren's CBD Success Story - June 25th 2018

Taking Koi Naturals 1500mg 2x a day, less than a dropper in the morning and the same at bedtime has proven effective. My knees, back, hip, shoulder and elbow don’t hurt anymore after taking this oil. For me the effect was gradual. I did notice within the 1st week my pain had lessen by 50%.

The 2nd week bending over, kneeling or lifting, I noticed I was hurting 90% less even though subconsciously I was carefully standing after kneeling, carefully rising after bending and not wanting to lift heavy objects. Week 3, I feel 98% better the other 2% is due to stiffness. My knees don’t hurt. I don’t have to pull up on something when standing, My hip, that has bothered me since 2013 after I injured it exercising, having gone to see an orthopedic specialist, having MRI’s and getting monthly injections, this is the first time in 5 years my hip has been pain free.

As for anxiety, Koi takes the edge off during a stressful day, helps me to focus and better multitask. Again, the effects are gradual. I realized I wasn’t jumping from one task to the next without completing anything. I will purchase again. I have tried 3 other brands and have come back to Koi. I realized I was throwing good money after bad and just needed to increase my strength to the 1500mg.

Cassandra's CBD Success Story - June 18th 2018

When I was a kid I had an accident that left me in chronic pain. I fell from A great height and damaged 3 disks in my spine and devastated the connection between my spine and skull. Even with health insurance there was nothing they could do for me. They refused to operate because it was more risky than living with the daily pain and they didn’t want to give me medication because I was so young.

Even chiropractors couldn’t help me, if anything they made it worse. With the daily pain I became very depressed, stopped eating, and stopped sleeping. Every job I got I couldn’t keep for long because it was so physically taxing I exhausted within a few weeks and I was denied for disability because I was always strong and didn’t want to just lay down and die.

I only recently found CBD oil but it has been a complete life saver. I’ve calmed down enough to be able to speak to people important to me and reconnect with the ones I love. I’m able to sleep again and it helps so much with pain that I have had a job for almost a year and have done so well with it I became management in only a few short months. The stress of work is a new challenge, but with the CBD oil to help me get through the day I feel like I can finally succeed despite the physical limitations I’ve always know.

Maureen's CBD Success Story - June 18th 2018

I started using the Genesis brand and it worked great, however, it had caused me to fail a drug screen. So I switched to the Koi brand and it worked great. I purchased the 250mg and felt like it wasn’t strong enough, so this time I ordered the 500mg, which seems to work much better.

I absolutely love CBD oil. I put a dropper full into my vape and I vape it throughout the day. I have severe anxiety along with depression and severe chronic pain. I have found that this CBD oil is godsend, it works great for my anxiety and it has improved my mood as well. Thank you for making such a great product. I will be a returning customer!!

Kayla's CBD Success Story - June 11th 2018

I first sampled the 250mg under the tongue (just one dropper full) when I was having some BAD pain related to woman issues and within 15 minutes the pain was half gone and within 30 minutes the pain was completely gone. The effects lasted for 3 hours, then I repeated.

I’ve also used the same exact product during a traumatic situation the other evening and within ten minutes my body was MUCH more relaxed and I felt able to focus on the situation without letting my nerves get the best of me. This product and the customer service are top notch. My neighbor and I now vape the Blue and green Koi while chatting about how great we feel using this oil. THANKS!!

Mike's CBD Success Story - May 9th 2018

Most of you in your 50’s can relate I’m sure. You go to bed at night feeling fine and you wake up the next morning and your elbow or toe or knee or whatever it is that day is killing you. I’m not sure what goes on while I sleep but something is hurting for no good reason. I find CBD oil to be great for these ( old man pains) my name for them. I have tried several brands over the last several months and for my use I like Koi the best so far. Taste isn’t bad at all and works best for me. I also work at a machine shop and stand on concrete all day. I don’t know if I could keep doing that without the CBD oil.

Kimberlee's CBD Success Story - June 17th 2018

I started using Koi after my older brother and his girlfriend told me how it was working for her shoulder pain. I recently had knee surgery on may 3rd to reconstruct my knee I never thought I would try CBD until I noticed how my pain medicine was making me sleepy all the time and it was taking me away from my six year old son. Then I decided to try Koi’s e liquid vape juice and since I started using it I have used my pain medicine for my knee pain less, so I say thank you Koi for helping me get to play with my son more.

Diana's CBD Success Story - June 11th 2018

I suffer from many issues and a friend gave me some 500mg Green Koi and I loved it. I had brain surgery and a lumbar shunt put in at age 16. A valve put on my shunt at age 18. My doctor’s said I’d be in a wheelchair by 30, but at 44 years old I go to a great pain clinic where I have been put on many medications that have helped me stay out of a wheelchair at this point.

This has caused me to be put on disability and live on a very limited income since age 25. Some conditions have worsened such as my anxiety and this Koi has helped incredibly. I’m trying to quit smoking so I add Koi to my flavored e-juice or vape alone. I have just fell in love with Koi but it’s a bit pricey for someone of my limited means. I also collect the Koi stickers. I hope to be able to continue this product and hope your CBD oil can continue to be a wonderful product. I’m sorry not to give a lot of explanation but I have too many things wrong to list all ailments. Thank you for your great flavorful vape liquid.

NTalie's CBD Success Story - June 11th 2018

I have a sensitive stomach and can’t take traditional pain relievers like ibuprofen, so I was typically left to suffer through significant hip and lower back pain and sometimes neck pain. Getting out of bed in the mornings could sometimes take five minutes as my hip and back muscles would be very stiff. My FIRST night trying Koi CBD, I woke up after a restful sleep (which was unusual), I hopped right out of bed with no stiffness and very minimal pain.

Since then, I have been 90% pain free. The pain I do feel is minimal and I can do my yoga again! I rated a four because I don’t like the black cover on the glass bottle as when I look down into it after a purchase, it’s hard to measure when I need more. In addition, I’d like to see the dosage of CBD per dropper (individual dosage not per bottle dosage).

Josh's CBD Success Story - May 19th 2018

My elbows have been giving me trouble since my days in the Marine Corps (over 8 years ago), and these products have done more for me than I could have imagined. Any time I put any sort of load on my elbows; pushing, pulling, or lifting, my elbow pain immediately flares up. I used to take a lot of ibuprofen and/or prescribed pain meds to deal with it. Although CBD is not a miracle substance that can automatically heal any ailment, it has done wonders for me.

I’ve been using the 500mg vape juice throughout the day when needed and I feel great. This company has blown me away with their customer service, willingness to serve veterans on a much bigger scale than most, and the quality of their products. I will recommend this company and their products to everyone who asks!

Eric's CBD Success Story - May 10th 2018

I have peripheral neuropathy, and do not think CBD’s pain relief for this condition gets enough airtime. Without any medication, it is very painful to walk for any length of time, and usually feels like I’m walking on hot coals. I’ve been prescribed two different medications for the nerve pain, both with very limited effectiveness. Two weeks ago I picked up a bottle of Jade Koi, and put it in my vape. Almost instantly the neuropathic pain vanished. It stays away as long as I vape a bit of CBD every few hours. I’ve been able to stop one of my medications and cut the other to 1/3 what I was taking prior, and maybe I will go off it entirely.

I have an anxiety disorder. Although I didn’t pick up the CBD to help with anxiety, it has done such. I’ve cut way back on my medication used for anxiety, and may be able to eliminate this one as well. Thanks for a great product.

David's CBD Success Story - May 10th 2018

Had panchose tumor and cancer in upper lung. Doctor threw everything at me. Chemo radiation and surgery. Was on morphine and lorazepam since 2003. Was in car crash 2008. Was in coma for 25 days. Recovered after 2 years. Still on morphine and lorazepam. Always had difficulty breathing which sent me into panic attack. Had depression and anxiety since cancer. I was diagnosed with ptsd. Pennsylvania just got medical marijuana and I received a card but I didn’t like being high all the time. They only had cbd with thc. I found koi cbd and it was great. I went off morphine and lorazepam. Found that those drugs caused my trouble breathing which caused panic attacks. I now breathe well my anxiety has lessened and have no panic attacks. The cbd works great

Kelsey's CBD Success Story - May 10th 2018

I have a herniated disc in my lower back that I’ve had for several years and I usually take a lot of painkillers and muscle relaxers to deal with the pain. I also deal with severe tension headaches which I also have to take muscle relaxers to subdue the pain. I also have some sort of problem with my wrist that causes major swelling.

Since I started using Koi haven’t seen it swell up as much. Since I found Koi brand I’ve cut back my prescription usage to about a quarter or none at all. Most days now I don’t have to take any painkillers. Thanks so much to Koi brand for helping me get rid of all these toxic pain killers!

Laura's CBD Success Story - May 9th 2018

I’ve been having horrible upper back/ shoulder pain along with a bad knee. I’ve tried muscle relaxers, pain meds etc. Then I heard about CBD oil and so I’ve been vaping the blue koi 500mg for several weeks and the pain is gone. It’s amazing!!!!

Angela's CBD Success Story - April 28th 2018

I have endometriosis which is very painful. Was told about cbd and how it help a friend of mine deal with the pain.I tried a couple but did not have positive results, did some research and came across you guys. Selection is good and love the taste of the gold koi it’s my favorite thanks so much.

Dwayne's CBD Success Story - May 2nd 2018

Getting old just sucks. Always a new pain or problem. Your grandparents warned you, and they were right! I’m almost 50 now, and have had arthritis in my shoulders and knees for years because of lifting heavy objects, and I’ve also suffered from severe anxiety (GAD) since about age 18, even been hospitalized twice because of it. Over the years, I’ve taken several medications to try to get relief, but those that helped are addictive, or illegal.
I honestly didn’t expect much from Koi CBD, but I’m willing to try just about anything to soften the bite of my arthritis pain and/or anxiety.  After using this product for just a few days, I’m no longer a skeptic! I started with very small doses, and have been titrating to find a dose that works best. I’m still working out that part, but it definitely helps with both pain, and anxiety! I will be Koi CBD regular customer now! Their products are top notch!

Tehryn's CBD Success Story - April 28th 2018

I’ve had chronic pain for 11 years. Over a year ago I had a new, more severe level of pain concentrate in my right hip, and no doctor can tell me why. We’ve done test after test, medication after medication, and it’s to the point where they want me on pain killers just so I leave them alone.

A friend uses these products and lent me her lotion. I experienced pain decrease! I was so happy I bought my own bottle the next day and I cried when it arrived. I had relief. Non-addicting relief. I ordered some oil to give that a whirl, and it takes a while to kick in, so I ordered the cartridges with the battery kit at the same friend’s recommendation. I’m not one for pushing products on people, but I’ve given my therapist and other friends with chronic pain this site because of how affordable, quick, and easy it is to get what I need. I will continue to purchase my products from Koi, and I know many others have and will join me.

Thank you Koi.

Jaclyn's CBD Success Story - April 28th 2018

I’ve had back pain ever since an injury when i was 17. After 20+ years working in the restaurant/bar industry on my feet, the arthritis and pain was debilitating at times. Ice on my back twice a day, chiropractors, inversion therapy and 800 mg Ibuprophen along with a muscle relaxer for nighttime was not putting a dent in it anymore. It was starting to take up lots of space in my brain worrying about the future.

My daughter found out she was having twins so i got serious about finding a way to manage it without medication so I could watch the babies and be able to bend over to pick them up and sit on the floor with them. I lost some weight and started doing yoga but it wasn’t much improvement. My boyfriend suggested I try CBD oil. I was not expecting much since I’ve experimented with edibles and smoking marijuana with zero results for the pain. Boy was i wrong!

FOUR days after starting just a dropper once a day in the morning. I scooted around my kitchen floor painting trim. Normally that would have been excruciating and I’d have taken lots of ice breaks, but I SAT ON THE FLOOR and then GOT UP repeatedly and didn’t even notice my back. I’m not kidding. It’s been about a month, I take it every day and I’ve only noticed a little soreness after standing on concrete for an extended time. I feel like my life has changed completely. Also perhaps unrelated but it’s been a lot easier to lose weight. I’ve lost over 9 lbs since i started taking it. Perhaps I was an anxious eater and it’s alleviated anxiety or somehow is suppressing my appetite. I tried Koi on recommendation from a friend who has a vape shop and I’m so glad i did!

Thank you so much for this wonderful product! My daughter and my grand-babies will be thanking you too! I’m considering trying this with my autistic son who has anxiety issues but he doesn’t like the consistency of the oil (sensory thing) and i don’t want him to vape yet at 16 even though it’s not nicotine. I’ll keep an eye out for new products from you!

Adam's CBD Success Story - April 5th 2018

I have been playing professional basketball in Europe for the past 13 years. That has taken its toll on my body, especially my knees and ankles. I found through experimentation that cannabis had a great pain relieving quality when I used it but also had a residual effect that helped my joints feel better for a few days after I consumed. So, I did some research on cannabis and learned all about the differences between THC and CBD. Being a basketball player we are subjected to random drug testing where THC is still banned as a “performance enhancing drug,” but as of 2018 CBD was put on the exemption list. I started vaporizing the 500 mg Koi CBD oil at the beginning of this season and it has been 5/6 months that I use it. I usually have a few minute session in the morning, mid-day, and night before I go to bed. The effects were not immediate but after a day or two I started noticing the changes. I feel that the everyday aches and pains have decreased dramatically. I still take 2 ibuprofen before I play games, but I don’t need them every morning just to get by like I used to.

I have been having one of my best seasons of my career personally and as a team. Along with the pain relieving quality, I have noticed a big difference in my anxiety as well. We travel throughout Europe during the week and I have always been an anxious flyer, but since I have been using CBD oil before I travel I am able to manage it much better.

Stressful situations are much more manageable for me since I have been using CBD oil. I am work out my differences without just getting angry and shutting down like I did before. Because of that I have become a much better person all around. I think that it is a great product for all around well being.

I have tried all the flavors and I think they are great, but I use the white Koi so I can choose what flavor I want and just add the CBD oil to it.

Mackenzie's CBD Success Story - April 16th 2018

Koi CBD has helped me so much anxiety and depression.  I find when I vape it’s best for my anxiety and depression, and if I use it sublingually it makes me sleepy and helps with pain.

Jennifer's CBD Success Story - April 9th 2018

I have been using CBD for years and I swear by it!! It’s the best stuff ever, it keeps my anxiety at bay and it’s helps with pain. I love it, I’ll never go back!! 🙌🏻❤

Cooer's CBD Success Story - April 5th 2018

I purchased some of the 500mg Naturals for myself and another Army Veteran. We both have back and joint pain. I purchased the middle strength to evaluate its effectiveness with the thought of increasing the the strength if needed.  The need was never an issue. The 500mg gave us relief from the discomfort and was good knowing chemical painkillers would no longer be needed.

Cami's CBD Success Story - March 24th 2018

I’ve had chronic back pain for 3 years. It was recently suggested to me that I try vaping Koi CBD since I vape anyway. I purchased Koi Blue and not only do I love the flavor, but it works! I can vape for 10 min a few times a day and my back pain goes away! I love it!

Jason's CBD Success Story - March 17th 2018

I’m a US Air Force Veteran who was medically retired a few years back. Sadly I was injured on active duty, and those events changed my life forever. Over the years since I was released the pain had gotten worse and worse. The VA wouldn’t do anything to help me with controlling the pain, and it started to take it’s toll on me mentally. After using Koi for a month now I’m not experiencing pain, and if I do it’s controlled by vaping some oil. At the same time I started to notice that I wasn’t as on edge and irritable like I was before I started using Koi. Long story short this is a great product that has earned a customer for life. Thanks again Koi.

Linda's CBD Success Story - March 17th 2018

I was looking for a CBD oil to vape and came across Koi on a couple of ten best lists. My husband has a pinched nerve in his back, which occasionally causes pain in his back and leg. He has been using the 1000mg and finds it very helpful in relieving the discomfort to help him get through the day without having to resort to taking pain medication. We both use it for anxiety and stress and have tried almost all flavors. Thanks Koi for a great product!

Wynn's CBD Success Story - March 12th 2018

I have been diagnosed with facet pain syndrome and I have chronic back pain from my L-4, L-5, S-1, C-4, and C-5. Since I’ve been taking Koi CBD Vape Oil I have noticed less pain and much more relaxation. Koi CBD really has impressed me. CBD really works and I would recommend it to anyone that deals with pain on a daily basis. Thank you Koi CBD for a great product!!

Pam's CBD Success Story - March 9th 2018

I’m starting my fifth month on Koi CBD oil and it has been life changing for me. I have been on Lyrica for 9 years and still had lots of pain. Now, my pain is so different. Almost non existent. I am more active than ever. I am off of Lyrica and it has helped my anxiety beyond belief. I am forever grateful to Koi.

Brennan's CBD Success Story - March 9th 2018

I’ve been dealing with chronic back and shoulder pain from a motorcycle accident back in 2010. I’ve been prescribed different meds in the past and nothing has worked. The pain is so bad most nights I don’t sleep and wake up unable to move. My buddy bought a different brand of juice and it tasted horrible and was a much lower dose and didn’t really notice any difference.

Then I did the research and found Koi. With all the positive reviews I ordered a couple bottles to give it a try. The morning after vaping for one evening, it seemed like a miracle. My back and shoulder pain have declined to almost nothing. I’m sleeping better than ever and for the first time in over 8 years I’m almost pain free. I ordered 2 more bottles and ordered the topical for the girlfriend to try for her pains.

Debbie's CBD Success Story - March 4th 2018

I have lived in constant pain for well over a decade. My doctor had prescribed opiate drugs for 11 years to help relieve pain. I stopped the pain meds, as they were not helping anymore. A friend suggested I order some CBD oil from Koi, and give it a try.
I started with the 500mg, as I have smoked weed for about 40 years (gave that up too in order to get my Norco).  I was very skeptical that I’d get any relief as the orthopedic doctor said my knees are a 9 1/2 out of a 10, as far as needing to be replaced. I also suffer from neck and shoulder pain. To my surprise, I have felt a difference and have gotten some relief. I’m going on my 3rd week of vaping and will continue to use the product.

Jacob's CBD Success Story - March 2nd 2018

I am paralyzed from the waist down from a car accident I was in Jan 2014. I have metal in my back and neck from my back being broke in two places. My neck being broke in 2 places. I have nerve damage in both of my legs and I am paralyzed from the waist down. I take opiates Percocet and morphine. It’s amazing the relief that I have received from CBD oil.

I was using Miracle Smoke which I only received a little bit of relief from so I canceled my order with them and have been searching for a higher quality CBD oil. I have tried different kinds from smoke shops and really haven’t come across anything. I saw a video on YouTube about Koi CBD oil so I thought I would try it and I received it two nights ago.  500 mg blue/raspberry flavor! I was So pleased with your product and I am wanting to try red 1000 mg strawberry oil next! I want to thank you so much for putting such a high-quality product out there on the market and it really is such a big help with my nerve pain, sleep, and even my mood! 😉

Gio's CBD Success Story - March 3rd 2018

Hello, I started using Koi Jade CBD about 3 days ago as a vape and a tincture for stress and a pain in my shoulder neck area that i have had for almost 3 years. I have not been able to lift my left arm over shoulders height nor can I shrug my shoulders. After 3 days of using CBD I found that the inflammation in my shoulder has gone down and I can sleep better not having as much pain. I can lift my arm a little higher now.


As far as the stress goes I found that after using CBD as a tincture in the morning and vaping the rest of the day I have felt relaxed at work. A calm relaxed feeling that I have not felt in weeks. No high feeling while using the product which is awesome. Plus the flavor of Jade is everything I was expecting. Delicious!!! I was a little skeptical at first but after seeing that the effects are immediate, I have decided that once this bottle finishes I will definitely be purchasing again but at a higher strength. Overall I am very happy with this purchase and highly recommend others to buy. Thanks Koi

LaTanya's CBD Success Story - March 4th 2018

I would be racked with pain from working long hours on my computer at work. One day my son suggested that I try his vape, I was reluctant at first but I slept well that night with minimal pain. I tried again and became believer!

Pat's CBD Success Story - February 26th 2018

Have RA and back and neck disc problem. Anxiety. It has helped with everything. Koi is excellent company. Fast delivery, service. Easy to deal with.

George's CBD Success Story - February 27th 2018

The Best Kept Secret💧I’ve been smoking the Strawberry Milk Shake CBD for about a year now & it really chills out when I’m agitated burnt out or pissed off at my everyday BUSY life style I take a couple hits & it instantly calms me TF down to the point that whatever I was trippin on just minutes ago wasn’t really such a big deal 😅 it even works great for my pain & inflammation Unused to take 5 Norcos a day for 5 years it’s perfect for people who are on the go & very relaxing until your done with work/errands pull up to your house finished with the day & want to kick back n relax the 250mg. Works Great for me thank you KOI CBD 🐬🍓🍨💨💨 #CBD🌿 #FPills #StawberryMilkshake #Organic

James's CBD Success Story - February 25th 2018

I had been looking into the benefits of CBD for my dog who has a luxing patella, I found another company for my dog so I decided to start looking for myself after seeing my dog thrive with his pain. I researched many different companies and landed on Koi CBD. I ordered their flavorless to add to my vape, it truly is flavorless and after a few hits mixed 5:1 (Vape: CBD) I felt less anxious, stressed and I am sure in time my knee pain will become more manageable

Nick's CBD Success Story - February 5th 2018

I was diagnosed in 2009 with a very rare form of Bone Cancer. I went through a hip replacement surgery at 26 years old as well as Intense Radiation Therapy for 30 days. I was administered hard core narcotic medications such as, Fentanyl, Oxycontin, and Norcos. I hated the feeling that those medications induced. The relief that I experienced with KOI PROUCTS is nothing short than miraculous. I am back going to the gym 5 days a week and have never felt better. Thank you KOI PRODUCTS!!!

Estevan's CBD Success Story - November 15th 2017

I was in car accident 3 years ago which had me in the hospital for 9 days and had undergo 6 surgeries at the age of 20. After a long recovery and 8 surgeries later I have constant knee pain as well as ankle. A friend had told me about CBD e juice which I became immediately interested in. Since I had just quit smoking cigarettes and had started vaping. So I did my research and found that Koi is the best brand out in the US for CBD additive e juice. I work 10hours on my feet which has my whole body in extreme pain after work at times. I use CBD it works great for inflammation and helps extremely well for me when it gets cold in the winter. I will continue to support Koi for 3 reasons the taste is on point, the potency, and Price.

Rob's CBD Success Story - October 30th 2017

I recently quit pain pills and smoking thc. Was extremely hard but with the help of counseling and the pink 500mg tincture I’ve been 2 months sober and going strong. It’s very relaxing and helpful without taking away my clear-headedness, which is awesome. I never realized how thc alone can mess you up, so I’m glad I quit both. Thank you!


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