I have been playing professional basketball in Europe for the past 13 years. That has taken its toll on my body, especially my knees and ankles. I found through experimentation that cannabis had a great pain relieving quality when I used it but also had a residual effect that helped my joints feel better for a few days after I consumed. So, I did some research on cannabis and learned all about the differences between THC and CBD. Being a basketball player we are subjected to random drug testing where THC is still banned as a “performance enhancing drug,” but as of 2018 CBD was put on the exemption list. I started vaporizing the 500 mg Koi CBD oil at the beginning of this season and it has been 5/6 months that I use it. I usually have a few minute session in the morning, mid-day, and night before I go to bed. The effects were not immediate but after a day or two I started noticing the changes. I feel that the everyday aches and pains have decreased dramatically. I still take 2 ibuprofen before I play games, but I don’t need them every morning just to get by like I used to.

I have been having one of my best seasons of my career personally and as a team. Along with the pain relieving quality, I have noticed a big difference in my anxiety as well. We travel throughout Europe during the week and I have always been an anxious flyer, but since I have been using CBD oil before I travel I am able to manage it much better.

Stressful situations are much more manageable for me since I have been using CBD oil. I am work out my differences without just getting angry and shutting down like I did before. Because of that I have become a much better person all around. I think that it is a great product for all around well being.

I have tried all the flavors and I think they are great, but I use the white Koi so I can choose what flavor I want and just add the CBD oil to it.

Adam W pain, anxiety, all around well being 500 mg CBD White Koi, but I love all the flavors for vaporizing. April 5, 2018


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