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I have been using Koi CBD Dragon Fruit vape oil for over a year now. I tried RX meds and they all made me sick, with bad reactions.

My cousin told me about CBD oil and said I will try anything. I started off with the gummies from a different company and they were ok but inconsistent.

Then I decided to try the CBD oil. My son happens to work at a Vape store and I went in and purchased the Vape pen and started with the 250 MG of the Koi CBD oil. Then worked up to what I use now which is the 500mg.

Let me tell you within minutes my anxiety subsided and overall felt calm and stress free. My husband said he could see such a difference.

I have had headaches as well and it helps get rid of it.

I would highly recommend this to people who suffer from anxiety. A lot of medications you have to take other medicine with it to not have anxiety. Lots of side effects.

There are no side effects with this product at all.

Love this product!!! I recommend it to my family and friends and alot have already started using it and have had great results.

Anonymous Anxiety, headaches, general stress. 500mg - Blue Koi April 9, 2018


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