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My wife, kids, and myself started using CBD oil 6 months ago and purchased it locally. We did sublingual, then switched to vaping. We had decent results. My oldest daughter did some research and found Koi CBD oil online.

We decided to try Koi once the bottle we bought locally ran out. We are very pleased with Koi. The flavor is much better, and not harsh at all. We are not smokers, and there was no irritation or burning at all.

The results are better with the Koi CBD oil. My energy is better, and also my tremors are much better from my Parkinson’s. I am only 47 years old and was diagnosed in April 2017. My neurologist feels I have had it since the early 1990’s when I was in the Navy.

My balance is better, memory is improving, my muscle pain and tightness has decreased greatly. My neurologist is very pleased with my results using the CBD oil. He is thinking about doing a case study on me. My Parkinson’s writing and drawing test I do at my appointments with my neurologist have improved significantly. My neurologist was actually shocked. He was showing people my test to the staff at the VA. My Parkinson’s insomnia is so much better also. Maybe have one or two nights a month versus a week or two of it.

My wife has had a significant improvement in her joint pain, and also some in here stenosis and bulging disc. She has pretty much cut out using Lyrica by 95%.

My children have anxiety, and the CBD oil has helped them with their anxiety. They are also able to fall asleep much quicker. My youngest would be up till 1 am every night. Now with the CBD oil and some herbal sleep aid, she falls asleep at a normal time and gets up early now.

We will continue to use CBD oil, and will remain a loyal customer to Koi for as long as they are in business, and we are alive. Thank you for helping us veterans, and active duty. And thank you for providing a great product for my family.

Anthony, Gail, and family Parkinson's, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety,and insomnia 500mg - Red Koi April 5, 2018


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