I love this stuff and hate when I don’t have the money for it because when I don’t have this I can’t sleep do to my restless legs and my fibromyalgia. I also have anxiety issues and depression. I have ADD to and to be honest I would be happy for all the other to go away and can deal with that. I have many mornings it hurts to just roll over more less get out of the bed on my feet. And when I am able to the stiffness I have again a fibromyalgia thing is terrible. I can do one dropper and within minutes I can see a difference. Wish I could afford it all the time and wish I could go up to 500 but I just but two bottles of the 250mg to have enough for a month. And pray I can get again the next. This stuff has changed my way of living when I have on hand. It is a miracle in a bottle. I love love love this! And thank you Koi for changing my life!!!!!

Ashley Oates I have server pains do to my fibromyalgia, I have restless leg syndrome, attention deficit disorder, depression, anxiety that cause my blood presser to go up. White koi under tongue in morning and at night and one in my Ejuice to keep it going all day. March 3, 2018


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