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I’ve been dealing with chronic back and shoulder pain from a motorcycle accident back in 2010. I’ve been prescribed different meds in the past and nothing has worked. The pain is so bad most nights I don’t sleep and wake up unable to move. My buddy bought a different brand of juice and it tasted horrible and was a much lower dose and didn’t really notice any difference. Then I did the research and found KOI. With all the positive reviews I ordered a couple bottles to give it a try. The morning after vaping for one evening, it seemed like a miracle. My back and shoulder pain have declined to almost nothing. I’m sleeping better than ever and for the first time in over 8 years I’m almost pain free. I ordered 2 more bottles and ordered the topical for the gf to try for her pains.

Brennan Chronic pain 500mg, White and Blue Koi March 9, 2018


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