I am a long time vaper for over 7 years.I wanted a CBD vape juice to try and after much research decided on Koi. The first flavor I ordered was Koi Gold at 250mg which is a Vanilla Caramel but the odor is very strong and my wife does not vape and is sensitive to strong odors and did not like this.

Next I ordered Koi Red 250mg which is a strawberry flavor. I was worried that the Koi juice might be too thick to wick in my tank but it does just fine. I use it in a Innokin Zenith tank with a 1.7 ohm coil at 11.5 watts and it works great. No dry hits and good vapor production. The strawberry flavor is very light and the smell is light so it does not bother my wife. Using this for a few minutes does relax me, helps with my neck pain and helps me get to sleep. I also like the fact that I am not getting nicotine while using this.

Will be buying more of it.

If you vape CBD or are considering it please try this Koi as it is a high quality CBD vape juice.

BRIAN HILL Relaxation, Sleeping Koi Red vape juice September 2, 2018

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