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After years of sports, freight handling and truck driving, L1,L2,L3,L4,L5 all have issues. Currently i am trying to avoid surgery and researched CBD, I have seen it in the CBD/THC form and know people that use it, and it works, But i do not smoke or eat edibles as my commercial license is current and testing is an issue. I have used it on my pets for hips and knees and it works wonders for them and helps them sleep with no pain. I used the 250 mg vape to also quit smoking and have not had nicotine since using CBD. As the stronger formula became available it has been good for relaxing and sleeping. I do not feel high just relaxed, and in a good mood. Constant pain is a tough thing to handle all the time, but CBD makes it better. This is my first try with the Koi brand and after days of research I went all in and purchased the 5 pack and the tincture spray, the cost is up there but still cheaper than other brands with a lower MG, my pups also take the unflavored in their food with ease. I am at about 2 weeks and doing well, so more time will tell! Thanks to the folks at Koi brand for keeping the cost reasonable and for what you do to help us all.

Bruce Chronic Sciatica, inflamation. help to relax and sleep. My pets also use it for hip and knee issues 1000mg Koi Variety Pack & 1500mg Koi Naturals December 12, 2017

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