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I had 2 strokes 2 1/2 years ago and was permanently disabled due to seizures, partial paralysis, spasms, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and have to now depend on a cane to walk. This is my 4th bottle of Koi CBD oil. I and everyone around me are amazed at the improvement in my walk, I am off of 3 of my 9 meds. The ones that cause the most side effects, my seizure meds(2X a day), my muscle relaxers(3X a day), and my pain meds(2X a day)!! That is 7 less pills I take a day and no side effects!! I have way more energy and am sleeping like baby at night!! No more anxiety attacks in 3 month!! While it can’t make me 100% again, it has definitely improved me tremendously!! I will post again in a couple months to see if there is anymore improvement now that I am feeling so good!!
Thank you Koi!! You’re a lifesaver!!!

Carisa Murphy Chronic pain, anti-seizure, leg spasms, sleep, anxiety 500mg - Blue Koi November 30, 2017


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