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Huge fan!! Narcotics no longer work and thankfully I have found KOI! I have tried several other brands and found that vaping KOI has worked best! Easy to use and quick to work!! The latest benefit I discovered was that it has brought my BP down!! Last week at a doctors appointment without vaping, my BP was 130/89, which is high for me. Yesterday, prior to a procedure that I was quite nervous about and I knew would be painful, I vaped in the bathroom and my BP was down to 117/70!! During the procedure my doc said, “Wow! You’re tough!! And so relaxed!” I told her why and she was thrilled to hear that I had taken my health into my own hands and found an alternative method that was working so well for me!! If that doesn’t advocate for CBD oil, and in my opinion, KOI, I don’t know what will!! I am 1 extremely happy customer!!!

Caryn Arthritis, Insomnia, Anxiety, Blood Pressure Stabilizer August 3, 2017


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