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When I was a kid I had an accident that left me in chronic pain. I fell from A great height and damaged 3 disks in my spine and devastated the connection between my spine and skull. Even with health insurance there was nothing they could do for me. They refused to operate because it was more risky than living with the daily pain and they didn’t want to give me medication because I was so young. Even chiropractors couldn’t help me, if anything they made it worse. With the daily pain I became very depressed, stopped eating, and stopped sleeping. Every job I got I couldn’t keep for long because it was so physically taxing I exhausted within a few weeks and I was denied for disability because I was always strong and didn’t want to just lay down and die. I only recently found CBD oil but it has been a complete life saver. I’ve calmed down enough to be able to speak to people important to me and reconnect with the ones I love. I’m able to sleep again and it helps so much with pain that I have had a job for almost a year and have done so well with it I became management in only a few short months. The stress of work is a new challenge, but with the CBD oil to help me get through the day I feel like I can finally succeed despite the physical limitations I’ve always know.

Cassandra Pain. Anxiety. Depression. Panic attacks. Insomnia Oil and vapes June 17, 2018


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