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I have been vaping for almost 24 months now and have finally been totally tobacco free for the same amount of time. Over that period of time I have tried many different flavors, potencies, tanks, coils etc.

I have not “partaken” in many years but this time I am not out to get a “buzz” I am partaking now because I just lost my health insurance which forced me off several meds a few of which were psych meds. I have plenty of experience with recreational use but this was my first attempt to see if CBD oil would actually do anything for me.

To my total and complete surprise the Koi White 1000mg 30ml bottle I bought and was adding a full dropper and a half worth to a “fresh” coil, flavor liquids to my 4ml and 5ml tanks and it worked immediately. I did not notice for about a day and a half that I had not eaten anything. I had zero and I mean ZERO appetite. I was also much more focused as well. Noticeable and appreciated mood stabilization noticed as well.

The Koi White 1000mg 30ml bottle I bought vaped better than any other e-liquid I have yet to try over the entire 2 years I have been vaping. The 1000mg e-liquid looks very very impressive and well made I am actually almost shocked really. Am now placing an order for the Green 1000mg 30ml bottle.

CelticCross74 Appetite Suppression, Nutraceutical 1000mg - White Koi September 3, 2017


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