When I was 17 years old I was in a severe car accident and was in a coma for 2 1/2 months. I collapsed both lungs, broke both eye orbitals, broke ribs on right side of my body and my right leg and ankle. I suffer from a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury. My doctors and my neurologist said I would never live a normal life again. I went through years of cognitive therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy. The State of New York exempted me from my junior year in high school. During my senior year I would forget what class I had next or even where I was in the building. My locker was in from of the main office because there were signs to point me in the direction of the main office. To make a long story short… I was all messed up and I knew I would never be the same.

Today, I have a degree in Education and have proven everyone wrong. I live a “normal” life but suffer from so many mental hurdles. Because of my lack of memory, I fixate on everything. I am always trying to process information that I hear or read. I can not comprehend information fast enough. I try to focus so hard on everything so I can comprehend and understand things. I have severe anxiety, short term memory loss, depression, can’t sleep, my digestion sucks, can’t let go of anything, my brain runs non stop, until…..

I went to a vape shop one day when I was about to lose it and was going to buy a vape pen and vape juice instead of buying cigarettes. I told the guy about my condition and he recommended me try some CBD oil. I bought a small vape pen and some vape juice. Put everything together and HOLY SH**!!!! I was normal. It happened that quick for me. Most everything disappeared. I had the I don’t give a damn attitude. I was relaxed, calmer, and my anxiety was no more. Since that day roughly 8 months ago I have been studying everything I can about CBD oil. What do you want to know? I can tell you. Remember, I don’t quit and my brain cant stop.

Since I have been using CBD oil on a daily basis this is my summary:

I started using 1oz of 500mg and that would last me roughly 1 week. I would vape and vape and vape. Eventually I went to 1000 mg because I couldn’t feel the immediate effects anymore, however, I still felt calm, relaxed, no anxiety. Now I take 2 pipets full a day. 1 in the morning and 1 at night. sometimes 1 in the afternoon if I think I need it. I take it Sublingually because the vape really didn’t work for me because it became a pain in the butt. I now consume 2 one ounce bottles of the 1000 mg per month.

I sleep like a baby at night.
I go number 2 like normal people do now! Great feeling!!
My anxiety is gone
I’m not depressed
I don’t fixate on things like I used to.
It is amazing!!!

I have tried almost every CBD oil on the market. At least 6 different manufacturers. Koi by far is and has been the best. What do you want to know? I can tell you. By far the best product, best price, best service, and best results.

I have reviewed Koi CBD Oil with my doctor and she thinks it is great. She even gave me a drug test to make sure that I knew that I would not fail a drug test. At first I kept everything very quiet because I didn’t know if this oil was legit and was safe.

Everyone that I know knows about Koi CBD Oil and what it has done for me and is amazed. My wife will tell you it needs to be part of my daily regiment. If I don’t take the CBD oil for about a week I start the Anxiety, depression and fixations all over again. Then I take 2 pipets of the Koi CBD and it is gone.

Please! I have not taken an hour of my day to write this for any reason but to make sure you try Koi CBD Oil for yourself. If you have a TBI, anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, fixations, this oil will eliminate it. CBD Isolateis amazing and has been around for 100’s of years. This Oil and the CBD chemistry is amazing for your mental and digestive health. Try it and you will not regret it!!!!

Chad George TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Fixations, Mood 1000 MG - White Koi, Gold Koi, Blue Koi (My favorite) October 17, 2017


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