Hello, I’m Charles and I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis 2 years ago, very soon after, I made the decision to go as natural/ herbal as possible with treating this debilitating disease. If you are not familiar with P.P.M.S. my immune system has eaten holes, or lesions, in the white matter of my brain, this is a fatty tissue between layers of grey matter, and actually help the different areas of the brain communicate, now, this affects everything, my Neurologist said after my first MRI, that I have the brain of an 80 year old man, and when he said that to me, I was 43.

Now, on to what CBD has done for me, I suffered from migraines almost daily, Koi Vape has almost stopped them completely, my anxiety, whether due to dealing with having this disease or as a symptom of the disease, Koi has made that manageable. And my neurological issues are most of my problem daily, shakes, muscle weakness, pain, fatigue. So bad that I used to spend more time in bed than out, and one day, after starting Koi, vaping 1000 mg. all day every day, I realized I was out in yard pushing my lawnmower and cutting grass, almost like a normal day from before I started having problems, every day got easier and my symptoms lightened up, I was more productive after that than I had been in close to a year. I was still skeptical, and the first time I ran out of Koi, and had to wait a week or so to get more, I ended up back in bed more, unable to cut through the cogfog, fatigue, and pain. Once I got the CBD back into my system, I was back to being able to get some work done and be out of bed. Thank you Koi, I have turned several people onto your brand, not just CBD, but Koi, because as someone who has vaped for over 5 years, knows about the industry well, I understand very deeply what the quality difference is between your juices and everyone else.
I swear by your product because without it, things suck way more. Thank you,
Charles de Young.

Charles de Young Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis 1000 mg vape September 30, 2018


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