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I have been dealing with anxiety induced issues for years. A couple of years ago I was prescribed Zoloft and Ativan to help relieve my issues. These prescriptions actually made things worse for me. The details of “worse” are something I’d rather not share. What I would love to share is the impact Koi Cbd has had on my life. Since I’ve started taking this 5 weeks ago I’ve noticed great results. My impulse control has improved greatly. I attribute this to my significantly reduced anxiety. I find that I’m less dismissive in social situations, and willing to engage in conversation longer. Secondary benifits have included much more fulfilling sleep, as well as reduced minor aches and pains. I’m only 5 weeks in with this product, but it is giving me the balance I need to accomplish Life’s obstacles. I’m so estactic to come across Koi CBD. Thank you Koi!!

Chris anxiety 500 mg koi naturals orange August 31, 2018


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