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I am a USAF medically disabled veteran due to chronic migraines. I’ve had the migraines since 2004 with no known cause. Years of taking pain medications which led to anxiety and depression and alcohol abuse. Due to long term health concerns I stopped all medications and drinking for the past year. Always looking for something to help with the onset of my migraines I started researching CBD. I’m a fitness enthusiast with a goal of doing competitive bodybuilding and lifting competitions. The problem with that is the years of injures has caught up to me. Many aches and pains and inflammation throughout my body causing severe joint discomfort. Many of my friends in the fitness industry use CBD and my pain management doctor told me to try the CBD. Since I wanted something that could help for onset pain I went to vaping. Since starting I’ve noticed less and less headaches and the ones I get are minor. The aches, pains, and inflammation have decreased drastically to where I am doing more in the gym and lifting heavier. Unbelievable how well this is working. I haven’t felt this good in years which has made me a happier and better person in less pain.

Chris Watkiss Chronic migraines and pain/inflammation from bodybuilding 500mg - Variety Pack October 24, 2017


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