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I’m a 26 year old male with moderate to severe anxiety. At times the anxiety can be crippling and make me feel immobilized, making everyday activities almost impossible. After much research on all other CBD products, this is the one that showed the lab results for 0% THC which is a huge factor for me as my job does urine and hair follicle tests. Koi CBD has enabled me to have a reliable product to eliminate anxiety when the waves of panic start rolling in. I feel as if it’s almost given me my life back. I no longer live in fear of a paralyzingly attack, I take a tincture or few hits off my vape and within minutes the CBD relaxes my mind and gives me control back. I cannot stress how thankful I am for this product and how I believe people NEED to try this before they decide to get on prescription meds for anxiety. I would give Koi 5/5 stars all day long. Thank you guys so much for making a product that has put me back behind the wheel of my own mind and not being a scared passenger just going through the motions. A now lifetime customer, Chris N

Christopher N. Anxiety, Panic Attacks August 17, 2017


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