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I began using CBD for chronic insomnia. I had been on high dose sleep medication for almost 6 years. Over the years I began to build a resistance to it and the sleep mediation worked minimally. But it was the only way to get any sleep. I discovered CBD and decided it was worth a try. I use the 250mg flavorless in vape form. It has helped tremendously. It works as well as the heavy sleep medication did when I first began to take it. However it doesn’€™t give me the groggy feeling that the medication gives when I wake up. This has had a secondary benefit of helping me with my Crohn€™s and my Arthritis. I will continue to recommend this to anyone who suffers from any of these conditions.

Clayton Chronic Insomnia, Crohns Disease, Arthritis 250mg - White Koi August 9, 2017


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