My 8 yr old son suffers from Autism. He currently only takes Koi Cbd no prescriptions. A friend of mine had great success and suggested that we try Cbd oil for my son. He has been taking it for about three months and it has changed our life and his. I cannot express how thrilled I am to have this in our life. He has gone from non verbal to talking and sounding out words in three months. Words cannot express my feelings. Waiting 8 yrs to hear your child call you moms or dad. Waiting for them to say I love you. The last eight years had not only been the most difficult for my son but it has also stressed our marriage. It has taken a toll on everyone. I’m happy to report that things are looking better now. The oil has helped him sleep at night, transition from one thing to the next smoothly. He has wanted to spend more time outside and is more comfortable with his surroundings. I truly cannot express my gratitude to you. We will always be your customer and my wife and I thank you guys for what you do.

Court Autism Koi naturals full spectrum 1000mg August 31, 2018

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