I’m 48 years old and I am a neuropathy patient, Let me say I am not a diabetic it is hereditary.my severity is moderate to high and I have been on more neurological medications than I care to count. They were all so toxic and the side effects were horrible. I had everything from hair loss, weight gain, depression, memory loss and severe mood swings. I actually thought I was going crazy. Then there’s the opioid pain medications. I’ve never been able to take any pain meds which I suppose is a good thing they made me so sick. Then I started researching CBD oil. I’ve tried several brands as most people do. Then I started using Koi CBD oil. It has been a definite game changer for me. I no longer take any neurological medications at all. When you have neuropathy it will continually progress and there’s no cure, all you can do is treat the symptoms which are extremely painful and aggravating. I can definitely say since I’ve been using CBD oil I am now living as normal a life as you can, I’m even going to the gym again every day and lifting weights. If you live life on medication whether it be for pain, anxiety or what ever you may be taking them for give CBD oil a try you have nothing to lose but what actually hurts you.💜

Dana Mcfeeters Neuropathy 1000mg spearmint flavor oil August 31, 2018

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