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I have had chronic back pain for well over 2 years. Just last year it was so bad I started taking Tramadol 2+ times a day just to manage. After getting an MRI i was diagnosed with DDD of the Thoracic spine. I have 4 bulging discs in my back with one pinching a nerve. The mystery being that I have had no traumatic injury to contribute to this. My wife is not a fan of opiods which was the direction I was heading if we couldn’t get my pain under control so she started researching. She discovered Koi and after researching the benefits of CBD for pain ordered me my first bottle. I went from 2+ pills a day to maybe 1 pill a week. We have experimented some and found the optimal for managing my pain is the 500mg. It also helps with my anxiety that comes with the chronic pain. It is an amazing alternative to what my doctor was pushing for and I’m so happy my wife found this for me.

Daniel DDD of Thoracic Spine, Chronic pain, Anxiety 500mg - Blue Koi September 21, 2017


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