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I have dealt with back and knee pain for decades due to putting my body through the wringer when I was younger. I have been in martial arts for the last year after having done it for a long time when I was younger. I have injured both knees and one is pretty much bone on bone and have had back problems since birth. Let me get to the point as we don’t have enough time for me to list all the things wrong with me pain wise. I have been using your product for a couple months now and at my last belt test I was doing things I haven’t been able to in years. My instructors even went as far as to call me a show off to which I replied ” I haven’t been able to move like this in years due to my pain so let me have this ” which got a lot of laughter from everyone.  Point is I don’t have to peel myself out of bed because of pain anymore so thank you for this wonderful product.

David chronic pain cbd oil 500 mg spearmint and lemon lime September 27, 2018


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