I suffer from many issues and a friend gave me some 500mg Green Koi and I loved it. I had brain surgery and a lumbar shunt put in at age 16. A valve put on my shunt at age 18. My doctor’s said I’d be in a wheelchair by 30, but at 44 years old I go to a great pain clinic where I have been put on many medications that have helped me stay out of a wheelchair at this point. This has caused me to be put on disability and live on a very limited income since age 25. Some conditions have worsened such as my anxiety and this Koi has helped incredibly. I’m trying to quit smoking so I add Koi to my flavored e-juice or vape alone. I have just fell in love with Koi but it’s a bit pricey for someone of my limited means. I also collect the Koi stickers. I hope to be able to continue this product and hope your CBD oil can continue to be a wonderful product. I’m sorry not to give a lot of explanation but I have too many things wrong to list all ailments. Thank you for your great flavorful vape liquid.

Diana Thomas Anxiety, Insomnia, and Chronic Pain 500mg - White Koi June 11, 2018


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