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Was really thinking at first for my husband to try due to really bad shoulder pain. He cannot pull a T-shirt off by himself without being in agony. I got the 250mg. I also tried it for my neck pain (sleeping recline on sofa with ice packs). He was skeptical, but tried it. By next day, he could raise his arms straight up with no problem, no pain or twinge. My neck is 98% better and can actually turn my head fully side to side. I’€™m sleeping great, took work stress level down quite a few notches, Also noticed an improvement on my dry skin/eczema patches. Upped the mg because of back issues. Having MIL try it for her bad knees. I ordered 2 more bottles. Once shared, your supply dwindles, lol. I am so happy I took a chance and tried something I wouldn’t have thought of trying before. No kidding, you do learn something new everyday.

Divy Chronic Pain, Eczema, Stress 250mg & 500mg August 14, 2017

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