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Getting old just sucks. Always a new pain or problem. Your grandparents warned you, and they were right! I’m almost 50 now, and have had arthritis in my shoulders and knees for years because of lifting heavy objects, and I’ve also suffered from severe anxiety (GAD) since about age 18, even been hospitalized twice because of it. Over the years, I’ve taken several medications to try to get relief, but those that helped are addictive, or illegal.  I honestly didn’t expect much from Koi CBD, but I’m willing to try just about anything to soften the bite of my arthritis pain and/or anxiety.

After using this product for just a few days, I’m no longer a skeptic! I started with very small doses, and have been titrating to find a dose that works best. I’m still working out that part, but it definitely helps with both pain, and anxiety! I will be Koi CBD regular customer now! Their products are top notch!

Dwayne Sessom Arthritis, muscle pain, anxiety. Koi Naturals CBD Tincture May 2, 2018


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