I started using Koi in October of 2016. I heard from a friend of the natural healing properties of CBD. So I gave it a try with my vape. In September of that year I was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer and I also had a cat scan showing a “lump” in my right lung. I had quit smoking and turned to vaping but I was only vaping Koi. 6 months later I had another cat scan revealing shrinkage of the “lump” in my lung. My Doctor told me to continue whatever it is I’m doing. He didn’t want to know. 6 months after that in September of this year, the “lump” is completely gone. My Breast Cancer is also non existent. I love love love Koi!!! Keep in mind that I have also changed my diet and I have incorporated exercise as well. Thank you for saving me.

Emily Rosario Breast Cancer Related All of them December 7, 2017


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