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A friend of mine recommended CBD for my anxiety. I had already been looking into it for my menstrual cramps. My cramps are awful, and I do not like taking Tylenol so often for them. I was skeptical that CBD would work for the pain, but taking the Koi CBD sublingually worked thrillingly well! The taste of vape juice under the tongue is horrid, so I plan on buying the Koi CBD oil next time. As for my anxiety, both vaping and sublingual use helped. My intrusive thoughts were quieted and I simply felt in better spirits. These subtle changes definitely improved my quality of life. Since running out, I have noticed a huge difference. Suffering through menstruation without it was not ideal! I cannot wait to be able to afford some more.

Emma Anxiety, Menstrual Pain 250 mg Red Koi August 31, 2018


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