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I have peripheral neuropathy, and do not think CBD’s pain relief for this condition gets enough airtime. Without any medication, it is very painful to walk for any length of time, and usually feels like I’m walking on hot coals. I’ve been prescribed two different medications for the nerve pain, both with very limited effectiveness. Two weeks ago I picked up a bottle of Jade Koi, and put it in my vape. Almost instantly the neuropathic pain vanished. It stays away as long as I vape a bit of CBD every few hours. I’ve been able to stop one of my medications and cut the other to 1/3 what I was taking prior, and maybe I will go off it entirely.

I have an anxiety disorder. Although I didn’t pick up the CBD to help with anxiety, it has done such. I’ve cut way back on my medication used for anxiety, and may be able to eliminate this one as well. Thanks for a great product.

Eric Peripheral Neuropathy, Anxiety 1000mg - Jade Koi May 10, 2018

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