In January of 2018 I was told by my veterinarian that my 10 year old American Bulldog was having his last possible surgery on the tumor that kept regrowing within 4-6 weeks on his prepuce. There was no more skin left to stretch after another surgery to suture together. While waiting for him to be ready for pickup, I ordered a bottle of the 1000mg bottle of FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL from KOI and a bag of their dog treats. I was hoping for Murphy to make it to February 14th, which would be our 6 year anniversary of being together. Well, here it is, May 1st. Not only is he still ALIVE, he is THRIVING. Acting like a puppy. His tumor has NOT STARTED TO REGROW at ALL!!! The 2 smaller ones that were not removed are shrinking and shriveling up. They appear to be disappearing. He has a better quality of life than I could have ever imagined. People can’t believe he’s as old as he is. I can NEVER thank KOI and their entire staff for answering every question I had that night and most especially for SAVING MY MURPHY’s LIFE. My vet is AMAZED. His staff loves Murphy. He’s been through a lot. 7 surgeries in a year and a half.
Thank you is not enough for what it has provided to Murphy and myself. Much more quality time together.

Erica Hanley My American Bulldog has hemangiomasarcoma. 1000mg FULL SPECTRUM oil and the dog treats. May 2, 2018


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