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Had panchose tumor and cancer in upper lung. Doctor threw everything at me. Chemo radiation and surgery. Was on morphine and lorazepam since 2003. Was in car crash 2008. Was in coma for 25 days. Recovered after 2 years. Still on morphine and lorazepam. Always had difficulty breathing which sent me into panic attack. Had depression and anxiety since cancer. I was diagnosed with ptsd. Pennsylvania just got medical marijuana and I received a card but I didn’t like being high all the time. They only had cbd with thc. I found koi cbd and it was great. I went off morphine and lorazepam. Found that those drugs caused my trouble breathing which caused panic attacks. I now breathe well my anxiety has lessened and have no panic attacks. The cbd works great

Fisher David Chronic pain anxiety 250mg for vaping May 10, 2018

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