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The Best Kept Secret💧I’ve been smoking the Strawberry Milk Shake CBD for about a year now & it really chills out when I’m agitated burnt out or pissed off at my everyday BUSY life style I take a couple hits & it instantly calms me TF down to the point that whatever I was trippin on just minutes ago wasn’t really such a big deal 😅 it even works great for my pain & inflammation Unused to take 5 Norcos a day for 5 years it’s perfect for people who are on the go & very relaxing until your done with work/errands pull up to your house finished with the day & want to kick back n relax the 250mg. Works Great for me thank you KOI CBD 🐬🍓🍨💨💨 #CBD🌿 #FPills #StawberryMilkshake #Organic

George Vasquez Pain & Anxiety 250 mg Strawberry Milkshake February 27, 2018

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