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I bought the 500mg White and am experiencing definite relief from my arthritic pain in my hip. I’ve been experimenting on what dosage is best… I just purchased the 1000mg white, so I’ll see how that goes. My neck pain is still there although CBD seems to relax me so that I don’t get to the stage where my anxiety turns to panic, so that’s a win! I also wanted to say that I received a call from Marissa after having emailed a few questions and was highly impressed with the information I was given! Now that’s customer service, instead of shooting me back an email she called and spoke with me for at least 1/2 hour! I highly recommend KOI….. they seem to be a company that’s driven by their passion to truly help people!

George Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Anxiety 500mg & 1000mg - White Koi August 18, 2017


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