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After many positive recommendations I decided to purchase CBD for my severe to extreme anxiety. THC used to work for my anxiety in the past however lately it was exacerbating the panic to an awful degree. I had been relying on Ativan(lorazepam) daily to manage it however I was not comfortable being so dependent on a benzo for my sanity due to the highly addictive nature. I purchased the 500mg Blue koi to use in my vape (the flavor is wonderful btw) and while the effects are subtle, the results are astounding. Usually after 24 hours, sometimes sooner, of not taking Ativan I would begin shaking and having bouts of extreme panic and disorientation. Using one dropper full sublingually and mixing a 2:1 ratio in my vape tank has almost completely eliminated all withdrawal side effects. I feel level headed and calm without any drowsiness. It is wonderful! I only wish it was slightly more affordable as a 30ml doesn’t last very long for me. I will be purchasing another as soon as I can!

Hayley Anxiety, Medication Withdrawal 500mg - Blue Koi December 5, 2017

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