I’ve had back pain ever since an injury when i was 17. After 20+ years working in the restaurant/bar industry on my feet, the arthritis and pain was debilitating at times. Ice on my back twice a day, chiropractors, inversion therapy and 800 mg Ibuprophen along with a muscle relaxer for nighttime was not putting a dent in it anymore. It was starting to take up lots of space in my brain worrying about the future. My daughter found out she was having twins so i got serious about finding a way to manage it without medication so i could watch the babies and be able to bend over to pick them up and sit on the floor with them. I lost some weight and started doing yoga but it wasn’t much improvement. My boyfriend suggested i try CBD oil. I was not expecting much since I’ve experimented with edibles and smoking marijuana with zero results for the pain. Boy was i wrong! FOUR days after starting just a dropper once a day in the morning. I scooted around my kitchen floor painting trim. Normally that would have been excruciating and I’d have taken lots of ice breaks, but i SAT ON THE FLOOR and then GOT UP repeatedly and didn’t even notice my back. I’m not kidding. It’s been about a month, i take it every day and I’ve only noticed a little soreness after standing on concrete for an extended time. I feel like my life has changed completely. Also perhaps unrelated but it’s been a lot easier to lose weight. I’ve lost over 9lbs since i started taking it. Pehaps i was an anxious eater and it’s alleviated anxiety or somehow is suppressing my appetite. I tried Koi on recommendation from a friend who has a vape shop and I’m so glad i did! Thank you so much for this wonderful product! My daughter and my grandbabies will be thanking you too! I’m considering trying this with my autistic son who has anxiety issues but he doesn’t like the consistency of the oil (sensory thing) and i don’t want him to vape yet at 16 even though it’s not nicotine. I’ll keep an eye out for new products from you!

Jaclyn Schmidt Back pain 500mg - Koi Naturals, sublingual April 28, 2018


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