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I was at a friend’s house and kept rubbing my shoulder area. She handed me this bottle and said “here, try this”. I put a small amount on and rubbed it in. We continued conversing and within 2 minutes I said “WAIT…what did I just rub on? The pain is completely gone” – (and I had a torn rotator cuff so you can imagine my surprise). She handed me the bottle and I went on the website right then and there and placed my 1st order on my phone. It goes a long way but i have ordered several bottles since to give to others that I know are hurting. I actually work for a very well known rap artist who vigorously works out every morning before coming into the studio when he’s not on tour. His back was hurting one day so someone went and bought him patches. I pulled my Koi out of my purse and gave him the rest of the bottle to use that night. The next morning he asked me “what was that stuff you gave me because it stopped the pain instantaneously?” I have had others argue that the balm they use from Colorado was better. I tried it…IT IS NOT. Nothing works like this and while I just ordered and received another 2 bottles I am planning on ordering more so I can help spread the word. Moral of the story is “this is the best product ever”.

Jan Wainwright Chronic Pain 200mg Koi hand and body lotion October 7, 2018

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