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I started using Koi yesterday. I have never smoked or vaped, but felt after research that was going to be the best way for me to get results. I combed the Internet trying to find the best product at the least expensive price. Due to my anxiety I have been unable to work in a little over six months. It’s been very debilitating, but I now have a job with a family friend who understands what I’m going through and so I had the money to make my purchase. So throughout my search I kept coming back to Koi. I found a local vape shop that carried it, answered the remaining questions I had, and assured me if I had more that either the store or reps from Koi would be there to answer my questions. After trying Koi I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The flavor is amazing, the smoke smells like cotton candy, and it takes the edge off. Today I woke up without tightness in my chest for the first time in months. Thank you Koi! I really think you are improving lives!

Jessica Duckett Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety 250mg - Blue Koi February 11, 2018


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