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I am a 22-year old guy and have been suffering from severe, chronic pelvic, back, and neck pain. My doctor told me I had severe arthritis of a 65-year old. I take prescription pain and anxiety medications for my chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep. They help me but only to an extent, and they tend to cause side effects. After coming across CBD, I decided to give it a try. I bought a vaporizor pen along with a bottle of 500mg of Koi CBD oil – and it was the BEST decision I’ve EVER made! I sincerely mean it when this CBD oil not only keeps my pain under control, but it basically diminishes it. As for my anxiety and sleep, it works wonders! Koi CBD oil gives me a calm, serene, and relaxed feeling throughout the day while improving my mood. There’s been nothing but positive effects ever since I turned to CBD. It doesn’t have a foul odor nor taste and the blueberry dragonfruit flavor is delicious! Koi CBD oil is a very high-quality brand. My sister is a chronic pain patient as well and she uses Koi CBD oil with her vaporizer pen with a lot of success, as well.

I’ve been a chronic pain patient for 5 years now and this is the BEST I’ve ever felt since using CBD oil. I’ve also been sleeping so soundly every night. I don’t use any other brand besides Koi because of its trustworthy quality and great taste. I’ve found myself taking less and less of my prescription painkillers as well as my prescription anti-anxiety meds. I’m going to be using CBD for as long as I can since it improves my quality of life with so many benefits. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon this miracle of a pain, anxiety, and sleep treatment. I give it 5 stars! Thank you so much, Koi!

Jonathan R. Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Sleep 500mg & 1000mg - Blue Koi & White Koi November 17, 2017


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