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Hello, I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression. Mostly anxiety, the depression part would be with season changes. I’m not a fan of higher elevations and cold weather, makes me miserable. Anxiety, I’m always worried bout something that is always going to happen each and every day. Maybe bad, maybe somebody doing something to me I don’t like etc. I’ve been taking it for just 2 days now and I’m able to seem to calm down alittle bit and relax. I do recommend this product to others, as I will myself also be trying the other products to see which better fits my needs and maybe even work better. I will be a buyer from now on. You can def count on it. I’m not the person who likes taken medications or drugs of the sort, I’m very happy this is natural and that I will able to live in peace for now on. Just wish it was a tad cheaper for higher levels, cause I do not make much even tho full time. But thank you all for the fast shipping, and all the great products and opportunity to better myself.

Josh Mauro Anxiety and depression 500mg koi blue August 31, 2018

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