I can’t say enough about this product. I’m living with MS and sometimes the day after a long day at work can barely get out of bed. And to top it off I can’t go to sleep. Since using this product I’ve noticed I haven’t had any information issues after an all day more strenuous workout. Also I had trouble going to sleep and if I went to sleep I would only get an hour or two but since using this product and been able to sleep regularly and through the whole night. Upon waking up the next morning I feel fully recharged. I am really so happy. Also the cherry on top is the flavors so far are great! Koi Blue is my favorite so far but the others are pretty awesome also.

Kevin C Multiple Sclerosis, Trouble sleeping, stomach issues Vape 250mg - Blue Koi, Pink Koi, Gold Koi, & White Koi July 4, 2018


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