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I researched countless testimonies and studies on the possible health benefits of cbd for both people and animals. As a physical fitness enthusiast just over 40 years of age and the pet owner of a 12 year old English bulldog, I was interested particularly,in the possible recovery benefits of cbd, which in turn led me to an interest in the possible benefits of cbd supporting better quality sleep. I was also interested in the possible benefits of cbd with on set muscle soreness from rigorous activity as well as the pain relief from sports related injury and trauma, as well as cbd possibly helping with mobility and pain relief from artheritic conditions in older animals.

The possible calming effects, mood enhancement, and enhanced congnative functions of cbd were a bonus especially in terms of usage prior and during athletic, intellectual, and occupational pursuits . I wanted to explore cbd since it offered some of the aforementioned benefits associated with the cannabis plant without the psychoactive side effects and legal ramifications of THC. As a strict proponent of healthy consumption and a healthcentric lifestyle, I was looking for a way to consume this substance efficiently and without the damaging side effect of combustion from burning the substance or the caloric and metabolic effects of consuming it in edible form with additives. This led me to the conclusion that the vaporization of cbd oil and the administration of cbd oil as drops were the best options for me.

After extensive research on what products and company to go with, ultimately, I came across koi. I found that the koi stick was an inexpensive and simple option for vaping cbd, and the koi line of e liquids were versatile since they doubled as vape oil and could be administered orally as drops. The koi customer testimonies and reviews were mostly positive and the pricing was very competitive compared to other companies. I also liked the warranty on the koi stick as well as the quality of the website. The aesthetic marketing of koi stood out compared to that of its contemporaries and was reflective of high quality.

My initial order some months ago was after I had tried cbd drops from another company for both myself and my pet. The products from the other company were good and the price was better than koi’s, and I did notice some of the benefits I was seeking, but this product could not be used for vaporizing and it lacked the potency I was looking for.

After finishing the other companies products, my initial order with koi was a koi stick and a bottle of the 500 mg blue e liquid. My order was delivered quickly and the instructions were simple enough to get started right away. The only issue I had was that the complimentary e liquid dispenser used to administer the liquid in the koi stick pods was defective and would not open. After getting in touch with koi customer care, who were quick and very responsive, they did attempt to address the issue and provided proper instructions on how to open it properly but unfortunately I confirmed the product was defective. Since it was clearly defective, i did ask for a replacement on two separate occasions but since it was complimentary and the e liquid could be administered directly into the pods with e liquid tincture dropper itself, i have no issue with not receiving a replacement yet. Also with my second recent order of more e liquid (this time a bottle of the 1000 mg white) they did include a complimentary pack of more koi stick pods. I’m not sure if this was a mistake in response to my request for a replacement liquid dispenser or if it is a complimentary bonus with each order, but regardless koi’s attempt to address the issue at all, speaks volumes to the steller customer service I have received with each transaction, as well as the outstanding value of their products.

As far as the products themselves, my experience has been great so far. I have noticed benefits in terms of recovery after rigorous physical activities as well as improved sleep quality. I have noticed calming effects and enhanced cognitive ability when using prior to athletic, intellectual,and occupational endeavors. Finally, I have noticed that the cbd has helped enhance my mood and has a direct and instantaneous effect on anxiety and stress levels. I also have noticed zero negative side effects, physically, metabolically, or psychology. Finally, for my older dog, I have noticed less anxiety, an increased and consistent appetite, and noticeable improvements in his mobility as well as visible signs of physical pain relief.

In conclusion, cbd appears to be a remarkable substance for both me and my pet with a host of benefits and zero negative side effects. The quality and value of koi and products and the outstanding customer service make this my go to company for cbd and will be my go to company for many years to come. I highly recommend those who want to explore this remarkable substance begin their journey with koi.

Lael Boyd Excercise and sleep improvement as well as using it with my 12 year old dog. 1000 mg white koi with koi stick July 13, 2018


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