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I have akathisia, which is a side-effect of the antipsychotic medication I take for my bipolar disorder. Until now, the only treatment for it has been benzodiazepines (i.e. Xanax), and even with that I still shake my legs non-stop. I also do an hour of cardio 5x a week, but that doesn’t keep me from shaking or tremors, either. A friend of mine is a nurse, and she recommended I try CBD oil. I got the Koi White 250mg in the mail yesterday and took one dropper sublingually when I got back from the gym. I expected to wait at least an hour for the effects, but my legs stopped shaking within MINUTES. You cannot imagine what a relief it is to simply be able to sit still. No impairment of functioning, no high, no bad taste- Just sitting still at the table eating my breakfast. I will continue to use this product, and recommend trying Koi when all else has fails.

Lindsey T. Bipolar Disorder, Akathisia 250mg - White Koi August 13, 2017

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