I battle severe anxiety and panic disorder as well as severe chronic back problems . I have tried different medicines neither worked for either issue . Even tried other brand cbd oil and nothing worked . Within 24 hours I noticed koi take effect . The flavor is amazing at first I used it as an oral tincture it tasted great at first but then got real bitter but not so bad that is was unbearable . I tried vaping it it is one of the best tasting vapes out there !!!! I got the blue raspberry dragonfruit at first I was iffy because of the dragon fruit but it is really good . It’s more blue raspberry tasting like a jolly rancher . I have been recommending this product to others and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great cbd product or vape !!! I would also like to say koi customer service is awesome and very friendly !!! Would absolutely order again . It works wonders and not over bearing like some medications can be meaning no whacked out side effects … and isn’t super greasy like some cbd oils are

Lish burgoon Anxiety and back pain Koi blue 250 mg August 31, 2018

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