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It is amazing. I had anxiety and taking it. I made sure to take it when my husband was home with me. But I didn’t need to because there was absolutely no side effects! I have had anxiety and panic disorder for all of my life and take medications for them. But I still have the panic attacks or anxiety pretty often. I also suffer from carpal tunnel pain in both wrists and hands. It’s so bad that sometimes I can’t hold a phone or do my makeup. As soon as I started taking this for a few days, it completely stopped the pain. And I haven’t had any panic or anxiety attacks since taking the oil regularly. My sister has Fibromyalgia and nothing helps her pain except this oil. I also use the smaller dosage of 250 mg for my dogs who suffer from anxiety from fire works. It seems to help them greatly as well. Please buy yourself some it will change your life.

Lori Anxiety and pain Koi Naturals CBD Oil 500 mg June 25, 2018


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